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mac is garbage move to windows 10 and 11 you chucklefuck

this was the best game I got to round 99

how about no

when will the game be free?

please answer I must know, I am curious

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I legit thought the game was free, but instead it's paid, I realized it's time to kill myself with the AK-47, make the game free or suicide will happen to me,

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I did everything on the checklist, the game was cool but there was a glitch where it unintentionally started the Sonia quest dialog, not sure if that was supposed to happen or if it was a bug, I also cannot wait for the update for PokeShrink and MicroHero,

P.S don't read Japanese manga, wait and all you will have is a surprise, trust me, people who have read the MHA or Pokemon manga already knew what was going to happen in an entire episode, also keep up the good work MicroMancy!

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I understand that the fact that we are begging to see the return of PokeShrink, the unfortunate and most important thing is that time is of the essence and patience is a virtue, so if we wait long enough maybe we will get a comment from the dev of PokeShrink discussing some minor details because major details would be too much because then your just leaking information about the game and what's going to be added into the game in future updates, for now it would be best not to ask the dev for further information,

As Usual, Stay Golden,                                                                              BenFrankly

I agree let's not ask for as many days as possible and maybe "JUST" maybe he/she might release the update, after all, the hard working game devs have to take their time when putting together a phenomenal masterpiece like this, am I right?

Question Of The Day: To All Testers, When Do You Think The Next Update Will Be Released?

but also include the sunscreen quest in the v1.2 update, I want to continue the game as much I would like

I have played the testing demo, the V1 and V1.1, and yet no update, where is it? "Benjamin asked"

hold on, if this was made with JRPG isn't final fantasy also made with JRPG

also i am excited to see what updates are going to be released,

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actually forget i asked i found her

do you know where i can find the team rocket girl? i looked everywhere and i couldn't find her, send me a video of how to get to the team rocket girl