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Fixed the issue where the button for hiring more contractors could overflow the cards below!

Oh jeez thank you for catching this! 

It should be easy enough to adjust the constraints of the window

(1 edit)

Hey thanks for this comment. This is a good strategy for winning. The demand modeling is admittedly a little simplistic since raising prices helps you so much.

I’ve considered having a separate “utility” or happiness metric of your citizens that exists independently of their demand for goods and would be affected by un/over-employment or low wages or expensive goods, and would feed back into unrest. 

I’ve also considered having randomized events that would drastically change the scenario and force the player to adapt. Like demand for a certain good going way up, or inventory being lost or destroyed. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the game, and thanks for playing it!

edit: I’ve also thought about UI indicators to help show you what direction your money, etc is going. But I’ve decided for now that I prefer having to figure it out while the game is running so that you can’t pause and adjust everything constantly - sometimes you have to sit and watch to see what is happening. I like the idea of turning the numbers red when they get too low though

Hello, Antocracy creator here, I have a small but mighty (just like ants!) discord where you can post cool screenshots or give bug reports. I'll give updates there more regularly than here.

oof sorry about that bug! I'll try to beef up the pheromone decay system before I release the full version.

Also good call on having nanitic workers. I have something like this planned as an upgradeable ability for the campaign mode I'm working on. Stay tuned!

Thanks for looking more into it. Yeah ants carrying food will switch to feeding larva if there are new larva that need to be fed. The example you sent in these screenshots seems like it might be a different issue... or I didn't properly understand the original issue.

I wonder if the next time you run into this, you can pause, then open the console and enter:


which will dump the game state into a giant string that you could share with me via like or something I can try to mess around with it? I've never actually transferred the game state that way but it just miiight work haha

Thanks for this. These "traffic jams" used to be a lot more common, but I made it so ants could put something down even when another ant is there, and it just pushes the ant out of the way (including the queen). I thought this change would have fixed it so I'll need to play around more to reproduce your issue.

As an in-game workaround, you can use Alert pheromone to make them drop everything to kind of reset their task.

Now you're thinking! And only 2 survived so all the food is yours

An ant hill made entirely of food!

Nick, you're the first person to beat the game who I didn't introduce it to myself. Thank you for playing and commenting! 

Yeah I've been trying to figure out how they're getting such high scores... It might be a bug I introduced (and not the in-game kind, haha).

I'm working on a paid version now which will have ~20 additional upgrades ~15 additional levels and a campaign. So stay tuned for that.

If you have any other feedback or suggestions I'd love to hear more!