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Herofsoft community · Created a new topic I ver 3 is near

K so brainstorming for this game has been done and I will be startin to implement them. This I estimate will take a month or a 2 weeks. So be ready.

Yes I was actually planning to do the exact same thing! However I have not yet implemented equipment and a menu for that and when that comes out I will update level 1

Thank you!

Soooo I am lookin for some ideas for the nest level because if you've played the game u see that there is only 1 lvl.

Thank you! Let me re download :D

Great Game! This is because of these big features, easy multiplayer, great content, and fun game graphics. First easy multiplayer it is very easy to connect, just host and appears on the local network even in bad internet. The game graphics are an interesting blend of kind of pixel like  and rudimentary shapes and gives a simplistic look! The content is also amazing and everything seems very balanced. However, I have one compliant there is a bug with the wraith and i think all flying drones. They stay still if not called upon. But, overall great game!! :D