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Aaaaaaugh, what a beautifully done chapter! This really is such an amazing story. Thank you so much for your hard work. Now time to wait with bated breath for more! XD

EDIT: Ran into an error while playing through all the different routes. This happened in the No Romance, Liar Liar route, while heading into the Wolf after the discussion with Harry. The error code is here. Attempting to reload or rollback didn't fix the issue. Hope this helps!

EDIT2: Got the same error, in the same spot (while entering the tavern) with the No Romance, To Condemn A Man route.

EDIT3: Just need to add here that. The sheer amount of impact that your choices have, and the intensity of the emotions through this chapter, are absolutely, positively beautiful and amazing. Like, I can't put into words how amazing it is, seriously. <3

Ahhhhh, this is such an amazing game, omg. The art is gorgeous, the characters are marvelous, the diversity and inclusivity of the game is perfect, and the storyline is absolutely wonderful. I'm pretty sure I annoyed the hell out of my wife when I reached the end of chapter 8 and started making dying sounds though, because omg noooooooooo! XD I absolutely cannot wait to see more of this story!