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Imagine this in multiplayer. Like, kind of like murder but spooky

good game, played it in 20 minutes. had fun. sensitivity is extremely high for me, would recommend putting in a slider in a menu system, but it is a game jam game so it is defiantly passable for being made in 72 hours. 

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experience a 2010 level of art and production made in 2016. This was my first endeavorinto mobile gaming and 2d art, as you can see it is not entirely impressive, but is functional. All in all, after looking at this a year later, I can firmly say that I feel like I could have done better, but I am not unhappy with this, because I did something many, and often even myself in many times, can not or will not do, I finished making it.

Hello, I hope that you devs are having fun on your first day of the cherry blossom jam. I thank you for participating, no matter how far you get. I am excited to see what all comes out of this jam, as you all seem so talented, more so than me.

It has to be related to an anime or manga, but not entirely strictly following the story of one. An example of a game that could be submitted would be a game where you have heroes working though the Hero Association of one punch man in the same world, or a new age of shinigami chasing down hollows in a post ichigo world of bleach.

It is expected that you use an Engine, sorry for the late response.

I want to be on your dev team

Don't forget to give feedback

I really like hearing your opinion on my game, and things like feedback always makes things better.