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Ben Costrell

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Hey! Thanks so much for playing, so glad you enjoyed it! I meant to come back to it at some point, as you mention it's not really fleshed out for the later levels in its current state. I've lost momentum in working on my personal projects, but I'm trying to get back in the rhythm. Probably won't end up coming back to this game exactly, but it's definitely the type of game want to make more of. Thanks for the bit of motivation!

Hey, thanks so much for playing and for the feedback!

Yeah, the game is not really balanced well for later levels particularly, and there's not nearly enough content to keep things interesting for very long.

I ended up suspending work on this version for a while, but I'm now in the process of rebooting it from scratch with some new  structure (for instance, with a resource cost for playing cards so you don't get stuff like toolbox where there's no reason not to play it). If you're interested, I can send you access to a build when it's in a more testable state (it's still in a pretty early stage but it's getting there, maybe in a couple weeks or so), I'd love to get your feedback on it!

Hey! Nice work. I would recommend allowing you to sell goods from the inventory, showing the price that you'll get for them, rather than having to navigate a drop-down menu every time.

AD to go left/right and S to dive down for player 1, arrow keys for player 2. 

Oh oops, forgot that! Should be up there now!