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Great job getting everything in there! Love Mario's expression. Pikachu is such a lil frump chargin that lazer.

Great natural poses, proportions, and texture. Text is fun! I'll have to try that sometime

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BOOM! Master Exploder. Did you have to take apart your own N64 to model this?

I like how you did the ears! The hair chunks look great, too.

Great simple shapes! The proportions look great, too.

Nice job with a deceptively simple shape.  You nailed the model - make time to finish the texture! I'd love to see it

You're a beast! Excellent work as always. Love what you do with limited palette. All of these have a great solid feel to them

This is great! Excellent model, texture, pose, action, sense of scale, smart efficiencies. All around awesome!

Wow! wonderful work. Everywhere you look there's more details

Really dig the animation setup. Feels like we're inside of an old arcade game

Super cute! 

CUTE! Love the pose with his hands and feet - so much with so little - feels relaxed. 

Wild model. Great job with such a complicated intertwined shape!

Very cool - i've never played or seen this game, but checked out a video on it. Neat little puzzle!

Love how extra you went on the theme. The UI elements look great in 3D

Super cute! Nice job

I just now realized how similar the portal gun is to the gravity gun. I like the detail in the barrel.

King Plane! 👑

Good work with the theme! Also just solid piece on its own. The cityscape sets the scale nicely. 

Great job getting the cartoony style. A lot of little detail with the junk!

Nice action pose. I like the color choices for the scene, and the texture for Gwen looks great

Nice job with proportions. The eyes look great!

Excellent work! Iconic image. I like how the texture png also sorta looks like the final piece

no worries mostly just leaving a comment so others know. I think I had the submission form wrong anyways

Swagjam! the dome on top looks great - especially the zigzaggy wire. nice job!

Hair looks great. Shapes/angles are BOLD! Also pretty smart way to do the arms.. didn't notice that right away until looking at the texture

Technically not 1-bit if the background is a different color. I like that you included your concept drawing. Nice job!

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Something about this is just so fun! I like that you chose a different color for the body than just a typical grey.  Reminds me of Construction Cancellation Order by Katsuhiro Otomo

Technically not 1-bit if the background is a 3rd color, but great nonetheless.  I like the sense of scale that the plug adds.

Excellent job with the limitation on top of a great model! The addition of the human character makes it very imposing

So cute! And a great pose


nice natural shapes for the bodies with the upside-down pentagon. Great poses. Cute! 

lol took me way too long to get the joke. Fun pose, and a surprising amount of model detail. Even the lil babe’s got hands!

cute! Like a digital card


Cool concept. I could see this adding a new mechanic where different color enemies take different amounts of damage. Like a multiplier.

Awesome job with the effects.

Great concept, nice execution. Love the animation and smaller details.

YEOWCH! Nice job with the animation