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I played this with people I was dating or in a relationship with a couple times. It was cool to try and figure out what the other was playing, kind of like a puzzle that lasted an entire month. On top of that, it was a great opportunity to show a different side of myself and discover a different side of them in return. 

I strongly recommend this game, especially for people that are far away from you and you still want to keep in contact every day . We had our own channels in a discord server and used the spoiler function for the secrets. 

We played this yesterday with 3 players and one GM. It was definitely fun to finally have a game in which my favourite age group is the center of the story.

I finished a game of this a while ago, but it's definitely worth it. It was fun, quick, and very flexible. 

My roommate turned out to be a member of a cult who slowly enrolled my main character after first charming her cat and then taking her to his own inauguration night. 

I'm just mot sure if they will work out as Roommates in the end ;)

Let me start with I definitely recommend playing this flexible fae-inspired game. It's flexible in story and in length of the game

I got this one in the bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and only just got round to playing it. I had a blast and it resulted in a story of 8 full pages, though this definitely was not necessary. It could definitely have been shorter, but I like to be elaborate. The prompts also helped me re-evaluate what certain core rules of faerie mean to me and my version of faerie which I will use in other games. I did make it even more random for myself by flipping a coin to see if my person was going to lie to the fae or not. 

Finished a session today and I'm excited to see what comes out next time. We played with 2 players and that worked wonderfully (in case people wonder if it is able to function for that amount of players 😁)