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I finished playing the updated demo, and enjoyed it very much! :) I like how each choice branch gives you more time and interaction with a different LI, like a nudge in that direction. ;) I also like there was a sprite for MC's old flame...I find him rather interesting, and it made me laugh how it seemed Sebastien was jealous of him. :D (BTW, is the magic items shopkeeper a potential LI? ;) ) I also like the MC a lot: she's sassy and snarky but without being obnoxious or conceited or full of herself, and I also like how she's honest and worldly and isn't afraid to speak her mind, but also savvy enough to know when to try and push something and when to keep her mouth shut. She's strong and smart and at the same time very real. I'm even more excited for this game now and very much looking forward to when it comes out! <3