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Вау, ты мой красавчик!

Смотрим прохождение демки Дуэлянта вместе с Бенри (стример из UK 🇬🇧) и с тем, как он осваивает русский язык из игры)
Начало на 3:10. Приятного просмотра!

Респект за поддержку Сани!)


The gameplay by Sasha Zenko, who plays video games using only his chin and mouse: 

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nice demo! seems to me some similar to SUPRALAND after completion with 100%.

Supported your game on my website:

thank you!

There's a bug in the practice mod

After the death there's a popup window with a question to restard round or quit. But on the background the new round is started. Users cant choose the option in the popup window. Cursor of the mouse is busy with the game in the background

Поддержали игру в статье ;-)

oh! nice. downloading!

Supported your game on our website:

Thanks a lot for an amazing game! ♥

And here's Sasha's video: 

Thanks for the game! Supported you on our website 

caught a small bug on 3:46

Thanks for the game!
Supported you on our website:


Выглядит интересно!) Удачи ребята! Засылайте ключ на обзор, если будет варик 🤜🏻🤛🏻

lol! awesome game)

Thanks again!
here's the video of your game, Sasha plays it using only mouse and his chin:

Thanks for a very fun game!

hi from

The game looks awesome! Here's a small letsplay video by Sasha Zenko, who plays games using only his chin and mouse: 

Прекрасный геймплей!)

вы как всегда на высоте!

Thank you very much! Very positive font. Can I use it for non-commercial banners and posters? Maybe for commercial posters (for example music concert poster)?


Большой респект от BELONGPLAY и PERBS:


thank you for the great platformer! (respects from

огонь игра) залип!

выглядит как мечта!

Thanks for the giveaway from BELONGPLAY community:

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Ура) Дождались! Supported

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Thank you for the giveaway from our community!
Supported you at and


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Great game! With respect from BELONGPLAY:

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Спасибо за предновогодний угар) Играли всей семьей, особенно понравилось дедушке!

С уважением, редакция