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Thx for the option to have all NPS's male! I suppose m/m sex scenes will be added soon? :) there is one more thing to make the game optionaly gay: cards. Could You make m/m versions please? :)

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Thx for the option to have all NPS's male! I suppose m/m sex scenes will be added soon? :) there is one more thing to make the game optionaly gay: cards. Could You make m/m versions please?

Thx, I'll definitely try it :D

Hi i purchased "DIK Journey" but it won't run on my computer. Will there be a free demo version of "CoL" for me to check if it will run?

I really like Moving Day and i'll play Moving Day 2 with pleasure :D but what about Acolites? I'm lookin foreward to see the next update :)

What new gay (m/m) contenet is in this new update?

What male NPC i can have relationship with?

Ok, thx :)

When i start the day 3 i have lust on 0, then whatever i choose i get 30% lust and whatever i choose next i get 50 or 60% lust on swing. Should i make some exact combination of choices?

Hi, when i start the "swing meeting" with Chris i have the lust on 30% but still i cannot go further and the update ends after the scene, what i do wrong?

Pity that there is only straight version of that glory hole...

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The demo is awesome. Pity that it is so short, i want more :). The characters are hot! Redhead guy doesn't show in demo or do i do something wrong?

What's gay in it?

Hi i have a problem. When i try to run the game there is information that there "nw_elf.dll" couldn't be found. What to do?

What's new for gay guys since 8.2 update? I mean patreon versions...

Thx, it works! I've already defeated elf prince but i hope that game is still in development and i'll use it in further playing :)

The 0.5 update is awesome! I'm looking forward for more :)


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Those new updates are definitely worth spending few bucks :)

Really awesome! I never thought platformer could be so entertaining :D

How to give items to others?

So far the game is awesome! I hope that development still will continue

Anybody knows where to find or how to make rare cloth?

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The update 2.3 is wondrful! The map concept is excellent! Everything is awesome, especially events with Ray, Hermano with Bearnie and creature in the portal but i also liked very much event with Sam because Sam is my favourite :).

Mine was definitely Ian too :) I didn't mentioned Enzo before, because i don't want to make any spoilers for players byt he is awesome too :)

Ok, i'll be waiting :)

I tried to lunch it but it freezes on the title board and i'm afraid its because of my computer... is there a possibility to change game settings for it could work?

So far game is awesome and really promising. All three guys, Jackson, Liam, Justin are hot and i'm looking forward to see the next chapters of the story! :) By the way "Coming out on top" is one of my favourites. Who was Your primary love interest in it? :)

I've just played new update and the story with Brent is awesome! I'm looking forward for more :)

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So far (v0.24) the game is stunning! Everything here is excellent: crime and love stories, MC and "love interests" are really hot and not effeminate and it is all gay without straight or bisexual content. Exactly my kind of game. I'm looking forward to play the rest of it :)

The demo of the game on Patreon is awesome, i only hope You won't forget about Acolytes, i'm waiting for another update of it too :)

Thx. Which tier should i take to have it?

Is there private 0.5 version coming to Itch? :)

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What is in current Patreon version of the game that's not in public version? I mean that 2 scenes mentioned on the beginning of the game.

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I've read Your reply just now and i think You know already that i hardly would ever asked for straight sex scenes :D I'm really glad that game is only gay :)

Have You been to greenhouse yet?