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Truly a fantastic game! It's not over complicated but it has what's important, being fun. It's been a while since I've played an indie game I truly enjoyed as much as this one!

Pretty fun game! From what other people said, not sure if it's dead or not but it was really fun and awesome to do a collaboration with!

Soul Hunt Gameplay | METALCORE CLOWNS w/ MandyReneeSixx6

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It's without a doubt an experience that's for sure! I enjoyed it and it a great short little play. I made a gameplay...I know like everyone else haha. Anyways great game and keep up the great work! Towel Required Gameplay | INDIAN RAIN DANCE

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Very good game and really proves a point! I enjoyed it a lot and hope other people play it themselves. I did a gameplay about it if anyone would like to check it out! Two Interviewees Gameplay | WE GOT THAT JOB KINDA - YouTube

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This game made me feel emotions that were much too real...damn the coldness of these people is amazing haha! After allowing my self esteem to regain itself I made a video of the gameplay, hope you guys check it out! QuikDate Gameplay

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It was a great short story! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think I had a little bit too much fun with making a video for it! Great game keep up the great work!


Barb Gameplay | LIVING THE DREAM - YouTube

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This game has more grinding than a high school prom! I enjoyed it, I made a video if you guys get a chance! The Daily Grind | THE SECRET OF BABY FOOD

Definitely going into the right direction, I can tell it's going to have a great story, looking forward to the final release! SCREAMING CANDLES | Disorder (Demo)

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DOING SINK THINGS! | Please Come Over - YouTube

Well this was definitely an experience, I'll tell you that haha. Check out my video of what we did, I enjoyed our time together haha.

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Really interesting game, it's simple but hard at the same time because I didn't want to have to reject any animals haha.

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I don't know what to say haha. It's a short game that is very fun and suspenseful. I enjoyed it very much and want to congratulate the creator on it. I made a let's play if anyone would like to check it out!

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It was a great original concept, I really enjoyed it. I actually made a video for it as well, check it out! I look forward to any other games you may make in the future!