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Hi! Did you downloaded the old or the new version? Download the new one, try that.

>UI in game to change these things

You are absolutely correct! Soon I will have time to develop this project again, I already looked into graphical programming concepts. Creature development graph visualization planned, cell internal working and editing in a visual environment too!

I forgot to check in the platform compatibility. Thank you for noticing, it's fixed now!

I uploaded v0.4.4 with a README.pdf! I documented it!

I wrote the documentation! Now you can create your own species in the new system!

Download Wine (
Run the exe with wine.

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Thanks for trying my game out! Currently working on v0.4 with a lot of improvements. Custom, way way faster physics engine. Easier, more user friendly way to write DNA code.

I did not write a list of possible commands for v0.3 but here is a readme I created for v0.2, most of the stuff is the same and you can figure out the differences by looking at examples.

New v0.3 is out!

New features:
- atk, def, hp
- sensing
- eating

New v0.2 is out!