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I killed a guy with a banana. I'm sold.

Very silly and fun, and just creepy enough for me to handle :P

Here's a preview of gameplay!

So simple and satisfying. Click for a hilarious preview of gameplay!

This game is beautiful and brilliant! Had some really intense moments for such a short game. I want MOAR!

NO MARIO'S SKY - all the fun of No Man's sky but 100% more Mario and 100% less money.

thanks! I just typed in the URL. Didn't do anything special to get the thumbnail on there. I figured it defaults to the thumbnail.

Brigador is basically a top-down mech BLAST-EVERYTHING-IN-SIGHT game. It has a lot going for it - lots of action, ability to purchase upgrades... But the controls are kind of a pain and took a lot of the fun out of it for me.
Here's a short, entertaining video of what I was told is the final build. You can see how much I struggled with it.

Otherwise, pretty cool game. Always great to blast stuff with a mech :)

Thanks for making such a cool game! When do you plan to release the full game?

Beautiful take on the side-scrolling platformer genre. Gameplay is challenging and fun. Even without a single word spoken, there's clearly an interesting story unfolding. Can't wait for the full game!

Here's an entertaining look at the full demo.

Loved all the little "fourth wall" bits the devs put in this. Surprisingly fun.

Here's an entertaining look at gameplay. SPOILERS at the end!

Super fun, super smooth, super free. I love it!

Here's an entertaining look at the gameplay.