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Posted in Fantastic!

Hey @Leafshade!

Thanks a lot for the kind words.

Sorry for the delay, we were out for the new years.

Feel free to send the bug reports and suggestions to behemutt at gmail.com

Hey bay68nub,

The game will be paid, as we need to keep funding our two men team =P. But it's not going to be expensive, this I may ensure you =]

Hey KysKyle! We're happy you enjoyed Mana Spark. We appreciate your feedback and it's good for us to hear it was an interesting experience for you!

We're working on a lot more content for the game and we hope to have a release in not much time from now. Take a look on Mana Spark's steam page to be updated whenever we have some news!

(Don't worry about "looking professional", I guess here's a place for us to be more humans than "business people" =D)

Hey Vicemor! Thanks for the video, it's awesome =D

We're glad you enjoyed the game and we hope to bring more very soon as we prepare the game for Steam!

Posted in Demo 1 Feedback

Hey Qudodup,

I just watched the video!

I took note of the things you pointed out and we'll check what we can do to turn the game better. Regarding the cursor disappearing on the sides of the screen and the monsters having higher vertical vision, it was not supposed to happen, so... I guess I need to fix some extra bugs =p.

May I ask you to add the link to our greenlight campaign on the video description? (or our hotsite link manasparkgame.com, which already contains all the possible links haha). All the help is welcome this moment ahhaha

Thank you for taking your time to record it and to give us your feedback, we appreciate it so much =D