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Sacrifice community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

Now that playtesting is open, this thread will be used for community bug reports and updates on fixes. If you decide to download and play Sacrifice, please do so knowing that it is in an ongoing state of repair and rebuild and that there will certainly be some issues that surface.

With that said, I hope you do enjoy yourself if you decide to test the game, and I encourage you to relay any bugs you find in this chain so that I can attempt to recreate and patch any that I miss in my own limited testing.

Hello and welcome,

You've stumbled upon the general discussion board for Sacrifice, which is currently in early development. I appreciate you taking the time to check out my game and I encourage you to leave your thoughts, opinions, feedback, or anything else you'd like to say to me in this board or any of the others on this page. 

I like to keep discussion open to anybody, and I will never ban you solely because I don't like your opinion about me or my game. However, if you are being racist, trolling, or just being a dick in general you will be removed from the conversation. Just be chill and respectful and everything will be wonderful.

Anyway, that's enough out of me. Feel free to post what you wish, and I will be around to stay involved in the discussion!

The concept intrigued me, and the prototype didn't disappoint in any way. Your concept is simple yet ingenious at the same time and I can't wait to see where you take it from here. I was a bit confused on the gamepad controls at first, and wasn't sure what was happening the first couple of times my character seized up, but I also feel as though those moments may very well have added to my overall experience.

I felt a ramping tension and compounding stress as the hero climbed further out of the dungeon, and those little narrative segments between each level helped to reinforce that feeling incredibly well.

Also, props for capturing some Lovecraft vibes in a way true to Lovecraft. Some of the  more cryptic dialogue made me feel like I was screwing with something that humans were really never meant to know. Not something many designers can do well