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Amazing progress so far! The animations are very cute and I like how the parents swoop down and zip back up to the tree. :>

Day 2

I've quickly realized how difficult coding can be. @_@  I'm using GML (Game maker language) to code and I made the simple controls to go Up, Left, and Right.  I still can't quite figure out how to make gravity work how I want, but hopefully I will figure it out soon. Here's the test room that I have been using. 

 I made some placeholder sprites / art in my down time from coding and made these. 

Thank you!

Very cool! 

The concepts are awesome! Looking forward to seeing how this develops. :)

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Hi ya'll, I'm Beetlebelle. This is my first time making a game and joining in on a game jam! It's going to be a lot of trial and error, but I am ready to do it!

Platform:  Gamemaker (since I bought an older version on sale ages ago and didn't actually find time to use it)

Goals: Create a game!  And gain a basic understanding on how to develop games using design programs.  

Game Concept: 

My game is going to be about a crow that helps a ghost remember who they once were. To do that they will fly around and collect items to bring back to the grave. (I still gotta flesh out the story, but I want it to be pretty simple)

Current Progress:

So far I made a test room to see how stuff works, and started adding test sprites to it. I want to make the bones of the game this way and then add in the final assets after I am happy with the controls. 

 To Do List: 

  • Flesh out the bare bones of the game 
  • Create the story
  • Design and make the items, crow, and ghost
  • Make/find(if free to use) backgrounds
  • Place all the final assets 
  • Do any finishing touches

I probably forgot some stuff, but it'll probably be okay for now. ;v;