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Rey, I'm really sorry you found it difficult. The game is harder than I meant it to be. This is the first game I made and it was very hard to judge the difficulty of the game properly because I played it so many times while developing, it got extremely familiar to me. I was the only test player :/

Oh, that's good :) I'm attempting a text based adventure and it would be pretty tiring with no music.

Is it okay to use music under public domain or royalty free in this game jam?

Yes, it was a reference! Honestly, it was my first game, so it is pretty confusing and too difficult. Thank you for playing it, and your words mean a lot to me. I tried to make something simple that I could finish in time, and this game helped me to improve my skills a lot. I hope I can remake it someday, outside the jam, with easier controls and better everything.

Just in case you still want to play this impossible game (my sister is still calling me names for making the game too hard and confusing), and want some help:

You press *Enter* turn off the electronics, so Big Brother doesn't see you and appear in the next room. You escape the dog by jumping (Space) quickly on plataforms or stairs (*Space* then hold *W*, you have to be quick).

It should be impossible to escape Big Brother, the dog you can escape and kill.

I have no words for how much I loved this! It reminds me a lot of Super Mario.

This game is awesome! One of my favorites of this game jam!

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Well, I liked the whole idea of the game. The one thing that I did not like was how the player looked. It kinda looks out of place to me. More realistic than everything else.


I liked it!

It does feels good playing this game, the movement is so smooth...


Haha I liked the ending =D Nice game!

Just letting you know, when I die and choose the restart option, the game does not restart. I really liked the design of the game! Everything looks cool!

Really nice game! I didn't read the description so I didn't know what it was about when I started to play, but I still managed to figure it out soon enough, and I felt very proud of myself.