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I purchased this book from Spear Witch and was wondering if I could get an key for the PDF. Would that be alright? I did get a code from Spear Witch but I prefer to manage my PDF library through itch

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I have gotten so much mileage out of this Troika sphere. I’ve created at least 3 adventures with it and intend on using it many more times. All the tables and factions are evocative and immediately fun to play with. 

One of my favorites for sure!

Thank you! I’ve sent the e-mail.

Hello! I have bought several physical copies of BitD over the years but am surprised to realize that I’ve never purchased nor received the PDF before 😱

I was wondering if I could show my Amazon receipt(s) for the book(s) I’ve bought and potentially get an download key for the PDF? 🙏

Amazing! Thanks for letting me know <3

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Thank you so much for making this! Absolutely excellent work. The full game looks amazing, but has a few too many bells and whistles for the typical 2-hour one-shot sessions I tend to run for newbies. 

My only feedback is to leverage some of the great art from the full game to add a little more flair to these sheets. Maybe an outline of a hoverboard or something?

No pressure whatsoever! It’s your vision. Thank you for this awesome game 😁

Any chance this will get a cooperative mode like Ironsworn? Really want to be co-villagers with my friends!

Wow, what a superb ruleset. Thanks for putting this out there!

Just ran this absolute gem recently and it was a great success! Very thematic and lots of great toys to play around with. Thank you for making this!

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This game is so fun! Are there plans to upload further issues of this zine to

Ooh, color me intrigued on the makro edition. What can be expected?

If I purchase this book from Indie Press Revolution, would it be possible to get an download key?

Any updates on a potential reprint?

Hello! Any word on the collected edition release? Great work on everything

I don’t have any experience with FASERIP or its origins, but I cannot wait to try ASH for the first time. 

Major shoutout to Anja Svare for the extremely clean layout. 

Any further developments on this? Would love to get the PDF of Cannon-Fodder

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Holy smokes this game is genius. Superhero continuities are about as messy as fiction gets and the core mechanic of this game really captures that feeling in the best of ways.

The heart of pretty much all superhero storytelling lives within the pages of See Issue X

Also, I found a minimalist deck of cards on Amazon that lends itself well to being written on

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I’m a little late to the party, but this is genius.

The element I’m having the hardest time understanding is “Saves”. 

Does your base save of 6 get increased as well when you write the new, more specific save?

Is it possible to reach a Save of 8? Or would you just keep writing Saves of 7 under the base for different failed saves?

I had never seen The Life Aquatic before, so I just wanted to let you know that this excellent playset inspired me to finally watch the film; I loved it!!

Really solid work on this gem.

Based on the name, I thought it was a FitD time travel game. I am still happy despite being wrong :)

Absolutely phenomenal job with this. Goblin Country makes my heart sing, and is one of my favorite Belonging Outside Belonging games now. Can’t wait to play it!

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These are some truly wonderful backgrounds, thank you very much for making them! Really appreciate the whole “Silly edgelord, don’t shut people out” vibe of the Abyss Crawler. 🖤

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I feel like ever since Cyberpunk 2077 was first announced nearly 10 years ago, there was a sizable shift in gaming: tons of cyberpunk games (both digital and analog) started getting made. 

Of the dozens and dozens of media I’ve seen set in future dystopias, very few have actually managed to breathe new life into the genre for me. Until now.

I’m only 20 pages in and Arcon has reawakened my previously jaded love for Cyberpunk. Thank you so much for making this! I’m excited to try playing in Arcon someday.

Are there any systems that you feel best capture the same truths that Arcon speaks to?

I’m currently looking at lighter games like Sprawl Goons, Neon City Overdrive, Technoir, and others.

There seems to be a lot of discussion here about this awesome looking game! Anyone know of any communities / servers of folks online talking about this game? 

I’d like to find a group and try a one shot!

How did I not see this sooner?? Buying immediately.

Lovely game. Any chance you could release the cover as a downloadable?

Wow, this is really awesome. Thank you for making this. The dynamics between the Hegemony, the Circle, and the Enclaves are so simple, yet they perfectly capture how societies work. Any recommendations on where I could find people to play this with?

Hope everyone on this project is doing well. Any updates on progress?