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Does Scylla have an NSFW scene/when is it? I'm unsure whether I missed it or not due to dialogue choices or having other party members. At one point there was even mention I'd be sharing her bedroll in camp at night and it just skipped to the next day immediately. I'm much farther into her quest and just wanted to be sure I didn't miss anything.

Awesome thanks~!

Lion works

Can someone explain how to use the part of the menu that allows you to save monsters so you can keep them if something goes wrong with the game? I've got some really good breeds that I seriously don't wanna lose.

At first it felt slow because of not being able to speed up or "skip" dialogue bits but over time with more characters it got very enjoyable. I'm definitely going to pay attention for updates or further expansions. :)

Can you pursue them all at the same time or does flirting with more than one upset each of them?

is there an actual menu on the Windows PC version? for saves and such..?

the chest lock pic minigame wont work