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Glad to be of service!

There's more to come.

Happy to hear of it. What are you using these for?

What else do you need? what are you buying these for?

They're about as good/bad as previous packages I've designed. The pictures you see here are mostly for illustration to show the optimal scale to be used for them.

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No, sorry. Just FYI - characters are around 500-600 tris apiece. They're good for use at small scale - like, if you are creating a game with lots of entities, and you don't mind Tomb Raider / Tomb Raider 2-level graphics. 

Take a look!

Glad to know that!

ALSO: You might......wanna wait until Chap Goh Meh. Just because it's Chinese New Year doesn't mean I won't be working. I have plans, oh yes, plans, on where to go next with Building Set 1.

A tactical RPG? I may have use for you. Not now, I am building my own 3d project. Come back to me with your finished game when it is complete, hopefully I will have dealt with most issues by then.

It would be outright stupid and unethical of us to charge royalties on our building packages, because they are based on examples that have been CC for centuries (thus far). HOWEVER you did raise a good question and it is thus - 

(1) I would greatly appreciate it, if in the credits of your work, you did acknowledge where you got the buildings from -- it would not cost you a thing and would be the right and proper thing to do so. Crediting Beelim Solutions as the source of any and all of your files which were purchased from me, either via or CGT.
(2) More valuable than royalty payments to me would be your reasons for purchasing my stuff. As it stands, from my Dashboard it seems you must have a major up and coming project that requires a great deal of 2.5d buildings.

I can refer you to someone who can do mediaeval stuff for you : see his page here :

Depends on your budget and your requirements.

HINT: Visit Verrix Microassets to download free 3d models to go along with these assets.

While you are at it, consider the following asset packs!

Can't afford to buy anything? head over to VERRIX MICROASSETS - for free gaming assets!

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Need better quality models? try buying my Ancient Infantry pack or my Greek hoplite pack on CGTrader!

Need better quality models? try buying my Mediaeval Infantry pack on CGTrader!

Can't afford to buy anything? head over to VERRIX MICROASSETS - for free gaming assets!

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HINT:  Buy 3d assets from CGTrader to complement this build pack!  we have Iron Age and Mediaeval warriors to complement this set!
else, visit Verrix Microassets for free props and more!

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Well, try not to be hard on yourself. I had this issue dozens of times before when I used to do animations even with 3ds Max 5.1. Wheels would often exhibit this infuriating type of behaviour, and even to this day I have no idea how to deal with it. I suspect that it is a flaw inherent in Rise of Nations itself but I am unsure.
In any case, may God have mercy on the Kings and Conquerors project.

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Here are the latest files for my latest unit. If you try assembling them, you will discover that the unit's shields swell and shrink during the attack animation cycle in RoN. I managed to resolve that issue in a previous unit by unlinking the shield but that is not an option for other units - I have a swordsman, a pikeman and a spearman left. All of them cannot afford to have shields that cannot be moved about or are stuck to the arm.

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Regret to tell you that it still does not work. Parts are still distorting and shrinking with rotational animations. I have tested with a Skirmisher model, and despite my best efforts, its shield keeps distorting whenever it attacks something.
I can give you my files for my latest unit, you will see that I am right.

Am I right in understanding that you want me to make changes from the Properties section for the Armature? If so, then I must warn you, I tried that as you asked but it still would NOT work. Distortions take place especially on any bone tiered off from a single parent bone when rotations take place.

Here you go.

Here is a master file.


I am running into problems using this plugin.

I followed all the instructions as given, but this was the end result of my animation work:

This should not be happening at all. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?