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This is so good! I really love the mechanic, and the puzzles are great.

Very cool!

Very cool and mysterious...

Thank you! If I ever make a sequel, that will be item number one.

That's a bummer! Not much I can do about that, sadly.

Thank you!

Thank you!

That was such a good game! I have to agree with maladroit in the comments, level 16 was so good.

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That's an annoying thing that I fixed poorly... I will iron that out of the game in an update soon [edit: updated now!]. However, the final section can be beat without using any of those annoying, unintuitive moves.

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Just beat it. What a great concept and a superb execution!

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Thank you! And haha yeah it sure made level design easier though

Just finished playing, and I thought this was a great game. The mechanic was clever, the level design was smart, everything was all around fun. (Plus, the length made it possible to play in a single session, which I always appreciate)

That's great. Thanks for sharing!

Great game, truly horrifying ending

Fun! The reversing movements was a clever twist. Thanks for making an entry!

That was really fun!


Yeah, that's an annoying edge case.

Sorry! Scheduling got weird. Hopefully it was ok the rest of the month?

Thank you!

Yup! The Confounding Calendar (which is what the game is for) has just single-screen puzzles.

Hmmm... how did you find this? I thought I hid it everywhere...

Sorry I wasn’t clear! The rules are a variation of Spiral Galaxy rules: This puzzle uses a variation of the rules, which complicates things. I would recommend playing some other Spiral Galaxies if you haven’t already, because otherwise this puzzle will be not fun at all. 

Thanks for checking out this puzzle!

I've just played the first couple of levels, and it's fun!

Holy mole-y this is a really good game.

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I haven't finished the game yet, but I want to say that this game is really, really good. It feels handcrafted in a way that most games don't, and it is a joy to interact with the game and the world.

Update: I finished it, and it is definitely excellent. 

Good question.