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Undooing breaks the game. and I got soo close to, but the game doesnt like it when I hit Z. heck the box in level 2 loses colision if you undo to much and hit Z when it isnt suosed to do anythng.


what type of spagetti caused this?

V isnt useful anyway. as you dont need specific numbers.

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ah, ok. its just weird. and the werewolf game also doesn't look like a tycoon. so its a weird name.

I think changing tycoon to simulator would make more sense.

ctrl+e causes the website bar at the top to get earased, at least on my chromebook. so I can only go back a level once.  because after 1 time, my chromebook no longer fully regonizes

my idea is to change it to ctrl+x, as that isn't anything relavent to

I found a softlock. I was trying to lose, as this game is very easy, maybe make shell slam not garenteed to release somebody from the snake.

isnt a tycoon a buisness game?

Level E3 feels like it wasn't well tested, as it is a mess of figuring out how to know who is in the center of a fan, its such a mess that I got the achievment for only failing on the edge cases on that level, but it was because of movement and not size, so I had no idea how to fix it, and I accidently erased that solution, which is my fault. But that solution was kind ugly anyway, so I didn't like it that much.

also the sandbox should have a mode where you can just place commands and mess around, which would use an on-screen button, as the game works shockingly well on mobile, and I would like to mess around on my phone, or just mess around without knowing how to code in general.

I simply didn't get points from the lovers. I got points form the other sources tho.

The lovers prey card doesnt seem to work properly. It's annoying how my plans that involve it don't work because it is bugged. At least I think the table is where the prey are before getting eaten.

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Yeah, the jump is the biggest problem. like I am loosing to much HP for how low I an jump sometimes.

The AI is annoying, but they rarely get the high ground.

I have a pic of the final ending.

These controls are some of the worst I have ever seen. the game is too slippery and the jumps lack control. and you need good control to beat the game.

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It loads for a second before becoming black. And as a Linex user, I cant download.

it works again

The mayor weight loss potion shows the same recipie as the minor weight loss potion in the recipie book.

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there should be a difficulty option for the computer.

Also in computer vs computer, they get stuck in a loop

I'm at 85, so 81 seems possible to do.

I got a barrel stuck in a door,  and can't get passed.


I cant close out of the item menu in mobile. Maybe add an exit button, there are those in other places so it should be easy.

If we figure out Reed then everything but the missing statues would be good. Because Brown Dye and and misisng potion would probaly use it, and then we know what is next from other item combos.

Steam + Mist = Water

that seems to be missing from the doc.

Go to the musium and talk to the green girl, then select unbirth.

Ok showoff.

Then add more. It cant be that hard.

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Why cant I move the screen on mobile? I can in your other games.

I wish i could see what weapons each bird had.

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Maybe make the O button for swapong weapons you have. That would just be useful, and fun.

As for how it should work, maybe a simple scroll wheel, or hit the movement direction that corispons to the weapon, and if there are 5 weapons (which I don't know because I gave up once I saw I had to pick the weapons back up) make the final one O+X

For some reason the jump isnt reliable.

it just took a long time

Its been so long.

The game needs a built in retry button.

Fair, but coding is knowing how to copy and paste stuff without braking games, and arrow key code is definitely free.

No, I'm just used to a replay button for GameJam games, also because replaying lets us make more sense of the game.

0/10 no arow key suppot

does the code not matter at all?

Where is the replay button?

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I guess this game has been abandoned