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Beef Gravy Studios

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Great work. Fast paced and fun. Excellent setting and monsters. Turn down mouse sensitivity and you're golden. 

Awesome work. We loved it. 

A good start. Can't wait for more.

Too much fun. Loved the death scene when he get you.

Wow! This was incredible. Excellent work. Can't wait for more. We loved it.

This was awesome. Great work. We loved it!

Great work. Short and fun. 

Great work! Dark and tense. We loved it.

This was great! Excellent work. Lots of fun.

Cute and funny.  The girlfriend looks like Dora LOL

This was awesome! Great work. We had a blast.

This was a lot of fun! Great work.

Really enjoyed this and we broke the game LOL

Really enjoyed this. Great work!

This was awesome. Great work. We loved it!

Great work. We loved it. Also died a lot. LOL

Really enjoyed this. Great work!

This was great. Excellent work. We loved it.

Great start. We liked it!

Great work! We loved it.

Love the art and music and story. Excellent work

Thank you for this.  Loved it!

Great Work. Very Creative.

fantastic work! Great Job. We loved it.

Good work. Look forward to more from you.

Freaking awesome! Great work. Keep it up.

Funny and weird. Great job.

That was fun and different. We enjoyed it!

Great Work! We are ready for the full version.

Excellent work! Layout was spot on and the humor was great. I could see this as a digital download on psn, switch, etc. 

You're awesome! Thank you!!

This was absolutely great! The special moves were hilarious and the combat was fun. We had an awesome time. Excellent work.

funny, clever and accurate. Loved it!

Short but effective. Creepy build with a great payoff. Great work!

We Had a lot of fun until we got stuck at the clock puzzle. Great work!

We loved this. Great work!

WeTAwesome !

Great graphics, solid gameplay, fun concept. Excellent work! We loved it.

Loved the concept and execution! Great work.

We know 

We know it's parody but it was a lot of fun. Really enjoyed it! Got stuck on the wall a few times but everything else was great.