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This looks great and we are intrigued but the game freezes when she goes to commercial break

Your game starts at 03:21 at Beef Gravy Studios on YouTube "Eras of Homebrew Games" video. We tried to post a link but the page is not allowing it. This was so good. It was great to have the ability to go head to head with one keyboard. The characters outfits were hysterical and the backgrounds added to the goofy all presentation. The controls worked as they should which is apricated. Lil Beef suggested a story mode and more characters.   

Your game starts at 07:53. This had way more options for karts and characters then we expected. The weapons worked great and the AI racers put up a good fight. The drift was not helpful but maybe a controller instead of keyboard might fix that. The tracks looked amazing and were a blast to race on. Lil Beef thinks you all should at a story mode. A fantastic game that had so much to try out. 

Your game starts at 00:46. We named the dark one Wilbert and all he wanted was a raisin cookie. This was great! Typing the cheat code was nice touch to give it the feel of an old pc game. The map was very well designed. It had places for a jump scare to surprise us. The outer area made us want to go further out so when we got kicked back, it made us want to go right back out. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next project.

Your game starts at 06:13. Very well done! The levels were fun and it's impressive they were procedurally generated. We really enjoyed the boss fight. We couldn't get the bombs to work. The zombies looked great and the presentation felt like a Halloween themed Angry Birds.  

Your game starts at 5:11. Fun open world game! Having multiple vehicles to choose from at the start was smart as it encouraged trying them all. The on foot option was great to explore areas harder to search in a car. Everything ran smooth and controlled well. Our video is short and only shows one area of the map but we loved how much there was to find.  

Your game starts at 02:54. Fantastic game! The animals were fun to find and giving a list to pull up gave a sense of progression. The statues all had something about them that was eye catching. Having the campfires to light, tapes to find, and that weird teddy bear were great as it gave optional side quests.  

Your game starts at 01:00. This was great. The colors and creatures were an excellent mix to make it feel like a dream. The house was a good size so that searching didn't feel like a chore. Every room had something to make it interesting. Keep up the good work!

Your game starts at 08:44. This is fantastic. Every world was fun to explore and there was something to find everywhere. We liked how different the settings were with every portal jump. Missing a jump and getting sent somewhere else instead of respawning in the same spot was a great idea as it gave a new unexpected path. The visual filters and art themes were paired very well. Lil Beef's favorite world was the all pizza one. I was impressed with how incredible your vaporwave aesthetic was done. 

Your game starts at 04:28. Fantastic update! The additional dialog and opening scene grabbed our attention. We like the way the story is progressing. The logo in the title screen with more characters was eye catching. We didn't finish the final chase as the fire being instant death and Bosley being so fast was too much for us. Keep up the good work! We are looking forward to the next update. Thanks for letting us know about this one.  

Your game starts at 00:40. Excellent art style and 90s visuals. The video filter added to the presentation. Switching from 3rd and 1st person view was a great choice as it kept things interesting. We made a point to go backwards and get out of bounds. It still looked amazing even when we went where we weren't supposed to. This was fun and easy to play and enjoy. 

Really like the update. We will be putting the game in our video. Is the chase at the end supposed to be unwinnable? There is no outrunning Bosley. 

Your game starts at 11:42. This was great concept. A random npc skeleton becoming self aware and getting hunted down by the game its in was very well done. Being able to move quickly and the frantic hand movements made the chase feel intense. The text at the top was easy to read and added tension. We decided the skeleton found out about Joe Rogan and the matrix can't have that. Excellent work! 

Your game starts at 05:10. Every corner of the world had something fun or weird to find and it made exploring feel like a treasure hunt. Your creativity really shows. Every area felt unique. The humor was perfect for the tone of the game. Our only suggestion would be make the NPC text larger for reading. This is fantastic work! 

Your game starts at 00:42. The city is bright and fun to explore. We spent our time roaming the city instead of doing missions to show off how well made it was. Having Bottle man weak to puddles, high jumps, etc made sense as he is glass and you put plenty of coins and booths to heal which gave the game stakes but wasn't frustrating. The character designs were colorful and cartoony which fit the setting well. The is a jump glitch where we hit the space bar repeatedly and hovered around which we used to get to place we probably shouldn't have. Fantastic game! We are glad we came across it.

Your game starts at 10:41. Awesome to see a basketball themed horror game. Very creative. The fear of being in the spotlight was done very well. Keep up the good work! 

Your game starts at 06:11. This was a creative horror story told in a small amount of time. The pacing was excellent and the bizarre things to see kept the tension high. The retro look was a good choice and it made the all the creatures look off and unsettling. Lil Beef wanted it to be longer because he was enjoying the game and didn't want it to end. We want to know more about this strange world of ruling dogs!

Amazing visuals and excellent music. We liked being able to speed up movement and trying different paths. Glitches were a great way to surprise players with mystery to solve.  We would of liked to find the right commands to type but the overall experience was still fun and engaging. So glad we found your game years after it was released. 

Your game starts at 09:31. This was so weird and so fun! The Chocolate Valley looked great and it inspired Lil Beef to climb high and get a full view. The characters were memorable and fun to talk to. Finding the object they wanted was logical which is always appreciated in a puzzle.  The overarching story explained the bizarre events very well. Keep up the good work!

Your game starts at 05:58 Great demo! The world was easy to get around in. Characters looked great and had a cozy vibe to them. They were fun to talk to. The game looks darker in the video then it should cause our computer does that with some games so that's not on you.  We had only one bug and that was we opened the map and it wouldn't go away blocking our view. Collecting the nuts was a good choice for the quest as it gives a reason to explore. We are looking forward seeing the other worlds of the game. Keep up the good work and we are looking forward to the final product. 

Your game starts at 00:39. This is excellent! Putting stuff to find encouraged exploration and every discovery was rewarding. We loved what you picked as collectibles. They were weird and surprising. The city was big and having cars available was appreciated. We only had one bug where we switched cars and we would drive in one but when we got out it teleported us to the previous one. The retro graphics look great and give the world a vibe that is interesting and eye catching. Lil Beef loved driving around and hopes you add people to interact with. Keep up the good work! We are looking forward to playing the final build.

Your game starts at 12:35. Great work to you all! Giving a set number of things to destroy and a counter at the bottom gave the destruction purpose. Having the cops chasing the whole time made it more fun to dodge them while trying to win. Everything ran well and we found no bugs. 

Your game starts at 09:15. Awesome runner, brilliant concept and great presentation! The saluting Cenas in the bleachers was a good touch and so was John chasing a WWE ring. Lil Beef found a glitch that made him fall though the floor which made his day. Everything ran smooth and worked as it should. This is such a good idea for a runner that you could pick a new wrestler to build the theme around. Keep up the good work! 
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Your game starts at 00:33. Great Work! You mixed all the liminal spaces in to one experience that flowed effortlessly. Our computer doesn't play well with some of the games lighting but that is on us. The puzzles were a good tool to direct us to the next area. Having static play when the entity was near warns the player and adds tension which is smart. We didn't see the entity in our recorded session but did on the previous playthrough. The magazines and newspapers were a excellent detail. We skipped the notes during recording as it didn't seem to add anything for us. The final jump for the last key got frustrating as it had to be perfectly done. Overall fantastic game and an impressive first project. Hope to see more from you! 

Using "F to interact" on the door does nothing and we already got the key

Your game starts at 09:07.  Excellent work! The dark visuals with vhs filter matched the story perfectly. The endings were easy to find and funny as they were shocking. Lil Beef said he wished there were more endings to get. Randy and Benny both seem like awful people and it was great.

Your game starts at 06:30. Fantastic game. The 90's looking laser tag arena was great. We liked the subtle foreshadowing as you tagged your opponents. Being able to easily adjust mouse sensitivity was appreciated and all games should give that option. You told an excellent story that was dark and haunting yet very complete all in a small map and short gameplay length.  

Your game starts at 00:30. Excellent work! We liked the solutions made sense and were fun to discover yet still goofy. The humor was well done and the art direction fit perfectly to the overall presentation. Pesto is a great character as lovable moron who can't catch a break but means well. He's responses to things were funny too. We hope to see more of his mis-adventures. Thank you for putting hints on the game page. It allows everyone to enjoy this great experience in full.     

Your game starts at 10:22. Lil Beef has been asking for a Veggie Tales themed horror game for some time so this is an instant 253 stars out of 10 for us. Simple but fun. The 120 second timer was a good length. 

Your game starts at 06:13. Great experience! It felt like we got to be Slender Man. The note stealing goons looked funny sneaking around as they would be. Giving the ability to redraw the notes was a smart move and kept the game from ending quickly. Keep up the good work.

Your game starts at 00:00. Excellent game! The animation style fit the weird but horror vibe quite well. The end chase was great and tense. The jumping and hiding mechanics were easy to use and worked as they should. So glad we stumbled upon this masterpiece.

Your game starts at 11:42. We really enjoyed this! The physics were fun to play with. We didn't get very far in to the tasks but the ones we did gave fun results. This is a great puzzle in a familiar setting. Love the creativity.

Your game starts at 09:37. Awesome game! We could feel the rage Goomba has for Mario. Having to chase him down was a lot more fun then just having a small area to corner him. Giving the whole level to work with was a great decision. Keep up the good work. 

Your game starts at 06:48. This is a great concept and very well executed. Giving Freddy his own battery life was a good idea as it encourages the player to get the job done but still gave plenty of time to look around and appreciate how you recreated the pizzeria. If you decide to make a sequel maybe have other animatronics walking around as well. Fantastic game! 

Your game starts at 12:50. Excellent demo! Lil Beef had a great time trying to squeeze in between the houses. This is a great concept and we hope you add more levels.  

Your game starts at 10:50. Awesome game! We loved the evil versions of Wallice and Gromit. This is a fun demo and we hope you add more levels.

Your game starts at 03:15. Excellent work! We enjoyed how the levels were all so different and unique. You are all very creative and it showed. The geckos were a great way to encourage exploring. The game ran well and we didn't encounter any bugs or glitches. Kudos to hitting us with a surprise backroom visit!