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Great! I walked around outside for awhile but couldn't find anything. What should I do?

The amount of detail you put into this was staggering. Every video explained and so much to see. Absolutely impressive. I got the blaster and went outside and found the lone light. Is that the end?

Really fun but if we fall off the edge in the city it's forever and have to restart the whole game. Could you add respawn feature?

Your game starts at 00:00. This is excellent! Everyone should play this. Your designs were perfect and using the fart gun was fitting. We liked how getting the bananas and taking out the minions both helped to get the mega fart. The bigger minions showing up was a great idea to give a sense of panic.  Keep up the good work.

Your game starts at 05:00. This was awesome! The concept and execution were unique and different. Lil Beef really loved scanning the rooms and watching what it revealed. Using the colors to show what things were was a smart design choice. It was visually appealing and unsettling at the same time.

Your game starts at 12:50. Great mix of platforming and stealth. Pot shaking his leaf hand was a funny touch. We got stuck and had to throw in the towel but that might be due to level design. This is excellent work and we really enjoyed it.

Your game starts at 23:45. This was very funny and the faces Buttertoast makes are great. The humor and jokes were excellent. We would love to see more from Buttertoast as you find new ways to crap on him Haha!

Your game starts at 00:00. This was absolutely fantastic! We are on board for chapter 2. The building of tension was well done and we have want to know where that fist came from. LOL The surprise settings were a great design choice and fit well with the overall experience. Keep up the good work. You got Lil Beef to admit it was great and that's hard to do.

Your game starts at 10:25. Awesome experience. Lil Beef loved the tvs and I thought they were a great way to lead the player. The sense of dread really sets in as your being chased. We could see a continuation of this world when you wake up further in the future after making it back in the capsule. Great work!

Your game starts at 18:03. This was really good. The environment changing as we moved creates a desire to explore and the visuals were awesome. The all knowing eye at the center was a smart way to direct the player. You could expand on this world very easily.  Hope you do more of this!

Your game starts at 00:00. This was so such a good story. You held our interest and the ending was satisfying. The sudden backrooms even makes sense given where you are and discount version of famous characters was a great touch. The spirit's one liner were funny and intriguing. We hope Davey is happy now!  Fantastic game!

Your game starts at 15:47. This was really fun! The maze with all the oversized food was creative and a great way to give a WTF in the middle of a chase. The cops getting called and actually escaping was a excellent ending. Fantastic work! Looking forward to more.

Your game starts at 10:57. This was excellent and you have a really good eye for building suspense! This being your first game really blew us away. It wasn't dark that getting around was chore, the glimpse of the killer, creepy destroyed wall art and bloody trash bags, Lil Beef even said this was great and getting him to think that and say it is no small feat!

Your game starts at 22:12. Awesome game! We didn't know there was an SCP email. The glitch for the hallway that you couldn't walk down was a great touch. Everything was smooth and enjoyable. Keep up the good work. 

Your game starts at 41:10. Excellent walking simulator! We would like to know what happened. Lil Beef theorized we were under water so there is a twist on your story. The color scheme set the tone perfectly. and was quite haunting. We are really enjoying your work as this it the 2nd game of yours we did. Keep it up! 

Your game starts at 36:15. We plugged you book cause this really got us interested. The visuals were haunting and build the world's mystery and we really wanted to see more. The gnome is a great character and his outfit is eye catching. Lil Beef said his silhouette looks like Patrick from Sponge Bob. Excellent work!  

Your game starts at 29:07. Awesome level design and setting. The puzzle randomizing at the end was a great idea. The enemy placement was very well done. This is one everyone can enjoy even if FPS isn't their thing. Everything ran smooth and functioned properly. We are looking forward to what you will do next and Lil Beef is demanding more levels!

Your game starts at 00:00. We have a ton of praise to give to you! The map size was perfect. Not small and cramped but not so big it was a chore to travel. The infinite run made the missions flow quickly so the story could progress at a good pace. Thank you for a easy to use map and legend and objectives that were clear. The over all presentation and execution was fantastic! Everything worked perfectly. Excellent work. The story was heartwarming and we had a great time poking fun at it. We hope we make you laugh. 

Looks really good but we can't hear the narrator talking so we don't know what to do.  Maybe add subtitles or a volume adjust.

Your game starts at 19:52. Awesome work! We are now invested in what will happen next. Great choice to put a twist on avoiding the finish line. Keep it up. This was cleaver and enjoyable.

Your game starts at 07:03. This was a good time! Lil Beef enjoyed trying out all your funeral ruining choices. It was a cleaver way in incorporate using the dice. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

Your game starts at 10:58. Great horror game! We missed the gas can and went back up stairs then couldn't move and died. The scrolls told the story well and the button mash fight was a good choice. Very well done. Keep it up!

Your game starts at 00:00. Excellent short horror game! You really raised the tension in minimal time. The "instructions", calendar, radio, etc, all set the tone perfectly. This is one everyone should enjoy. Keep up the good work.

Your game starts at 32:40. Great game! Lil Beef appreciated the unlimited sprint and it was a good design choice. The fear of falling asleep while your in the hallway holding something you need really added tension. This was creative and fun. Keep up the good work. 

Your game starts at 16:25. Awesome horror game! You kept us spooked and nervous. We were bummed when it ended so suddenly so you had our attention. Was the neighborhood outside the apartment meant to look like a luminal space?? We have so many questions on what was going on in that warped reality.  

Your game starts at 00:00. Fantastic experience! We loved how you could go between levels with stairs and elevators. The landmarks you put in where a great reward for exploring. The poolrooms are Lil Beef's favorite and he was blown away with your work. Keep up the good work and we are waiting for more from this project. You have something amazing here. 

Really enjoying the game. I'm to the green access. I want to finish it but getting the printer to take the paper is not working very well. I just keep dropping the paper.

Your game starts at 20:10. This was the right way to do a slow build to a big scare. Everyone can and should play this. You got Lil Beef good and I enjoyed your work. Excellent game and we look forward to more from you!

Your game starts at 14:15. This was awesome and Lil Beef was ecstatic when he made it out alive. The map was a great idea and the final stretch to get out was intense. Keep up the good work! Your games are excellent. 

Your game starts at 29:06. Great story and execution. Lil Beef didn't know what to make of this so you showed him something new. It's awesome to see the creativity. I really enjoyed this and it held me til the end. Thumbs up!

Your game starts at 14:50. Lil Beef had too much fun changing up the backrooms over and over again. This was very slick and was great to poke around in. Keep up the good work! 

Your game starts at 00:00. This is the best poolrooms game we have played! It was awesome finding the code in the locker and opening the door at the beginning even though we didn't find anything. Please make the cursor easier to see. Aside from that, this was amazing and I can't praise you enough. Looking forward to see how this ends. Awesome work!

Your game starts at 22:10. This was cleaver and entertaining. We enjoyed the humor of the narrator. It reminded us of the Stanley Parable. Playing the story and ending with the arcade free for all was a great choice. Keep up the good work!

Your game starts at 22:59. We love new retro and this was executed perfectly. It took me back to my arcade days and combining vaporwave with racing is gaming gold for Lil Beef. Fighting 99 other racers was a great idea and really adds tension as you reach the end. Fantastic concept!

Your game starts at 18:43. Great visual novel! The multiple endings made us want to find them all. We really felt for the player. It was a well told story that Lil Beef wanted to be longer and hoping for more answers. 

Your game starts at 09:26. This was a fantastic weirdcore experience. It felt like we were going deeper in to the lost pockets of reality. The backrooms houses in the final area with the forgotten playground was a great ending. We loved this!

Your game starts at 00:00. This was excellent! We really enjoyed your imagery and weirdcore vibe. Lil Beef was quite happy with the journey you took us on. Keep up the good work. We are looking forward to more from you. 

Your game starts at 20:15. Very rarely "based on a true story" spooks Lil Beef but you did it. Seeing the crimes through the eyes of the monster is a hard angle to get right but you did it. Fantastic work! Keep it up.

Your game starts at 00:00. Wow! Just wow. Lil Beef couldn't find anything to complain about which is a feat in its self. We loved the web series and this game was incredible. I can't praise your work enough!