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sheesh, didn't even notice.

thanks for that. the fix for that will be with the next update.

POV: im doing a hot fix at 10:30pm

I think the AI might be bugged because 3 times in a row the AI only needed to sink one more ball of it's color and for some reason shot at the black ball ending the game, is this a bug or is the computer just pitying me for being bad at pool?

won't be in the next update but at some point i'm going make it so you can legit just fight god

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Thanks for the feedback, i will get on this immediately

Oh wow I can make one of these. anyways I want to know what YOU thinks makes a good level, because I'm not really sure and have decided to crowd source it? so again, what do YOU thinks goes into a good level?



is it sad that I played versus pinball by myself?

i got em all, without watching a tutorial!


never mind

please tell me that the reason that the rat poison item lowers chunk's health is a reference to the rat cube in jojo's bizarre adventure.

I have done nothing but play this game for the past hour and a half

I have a feeling I will develop an unhealthy addiction to this game. and as such i'm going to wish list it immediately.

Rats, Rats, we are the rats

this is great, loved the unique concept of sacrificing your movement to solve the puzzle

well you didn't lie

god i cant believe how sad i'm over this checkers game 

this is a really nice game I enjoy the metroidvania style gameplay and am excited to see where this goes

great demo! can't wait so see where this goes

thats fair I definetely could of made it easier and the reason that the player only has 7 health is because when i was playtesting it i felt that was balanced as i had played it many many times and became good at dodging the attacks so yes i admit it may be a little unfair

in what way is the boss over powered? its intended to be very difficult so don't  feel bad if you find yourself dying over and over again.

just did another playthrough and once again 10/10 game but unfortunately speedrunning of this game comes down to whoever can click the fastest so in the sequel (i hope) you might consider adding some platforming to give the game some extra depth. anyways still love the game tanks for giving us this

spooky snek

*tips fedora

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1.5 trillion? man...

what order of coins did you get

good game, but man those birds are something else

why do they always go to the edges of the screen?

litterally the best game ive played in at least 3 months, we need a sequel

it tells you about the arrow keys in the controls section

nice graphics, but I don't think any more enemies spawn I might not have waited long enough but you might want to look into that

I only have 2 problems with this game 1.) I think you move too slow 2.) theres no shotgun. just saying shotguns makes games at least 90% more fun

yeah sorry, I don't get ive tried playing it about 7 times now and immediately after the tutorial I find myself confused on what to do. the first guy moves really fast and insta-kills you and I just don't have a sense of whats going on. 

wow, really creepy vibes. good game.

do a barrel roll

the point of the cyborg is that it cant be knocked out I found that when you killed a gangster all the other guns on screen would disappear generating free points, I added the indestructible cyborg to keep the difficulty up, this was before I knew how to put in scores so just think of it a modified ghost shooter. 

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you use the arrow keys to attack, doesn't anybody read the description?