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I use a s and up and right arrow keys so that all of the buttons are in a line, it makes more sense for my brain

It had me speechless almost the whole time. I abolutely loved the atmosphere the creature found at the end of the tunnel, the battle of the being with the giant hands and blade, I loved it so much. I can't exactly explain what happened and I'm not sure if I can properly process it either, but this might be one of my favorite indie games.

It's a simple game, but it's kind of a great concept. The pacing was fairly good too. It was also just fun to destroy the whole map, and the little bit you destroy at the end was clever. My only complaint might be it's a little hard to control, but it isn't a very long or amazingly difficult game, so it doesn't matter much.

It's a simple, but creepy and enjoyable game. The creatures are interesting, and honestly scared me at first. It may not be the longest or most fleshed out game, but I really enjoyed it. My only complaint might be that at times, you have to know what's coming in order to pass, so you are most likely bound to die at least once or possibly multiple times, and multiple retries make it a little annoying, but since the game isn't long, this doesn't matter much.

I really would like to download this, unfortunately there seems to be some sort of compression error.

(I've already left this review on steam but I felt the need to leave it here too.)

This is probably one of my favorite games. Just in general. I'm in love with this game. This game made feel lots of things, and I personally felt like I could relate to some of the dialogue. I feel like other games that try to talk about these issues never really do it right, or at least not in a way that I feel is correct, but this one is perfect. I will admit, this game did make me cry. And I'm glad it did. I don't get to cry as much as I would like, and this game did that for me, and I love it. The art was beautiful, the atmosphere made me feel like I was there, and May makes my heart melt, goddamnit. So honestly, thank you Angela, for creating this game.

I personally like this game. I like the atmosphere, the way people can interact with each other, the smaller things to do while you wait for other bottles or can't think of what to write. It's great. It's an adventure atop a ship into the feelings of people unknown. My only problem was that the first time I played, I didn't realize there was something wrong, because I played for 45 minutes (I know, I should've realized sooner) and I only saw one other bottle. It was most likely a glitch, but it was very offputting and I hope something like this doesn't happen to other people.

I love the simplistic and yet really nice drawings, the story is so intriguing and mysterious, I love the simple little puzzles, and the interesting 2.5D perspective, and the atmosphere, I honestly just really love this game. And the fact that it was made by high schoolers in only 2 days, just blows my mind. The only complaint I have (and it's very small) is that I believe the stepping sound could have been done in a way so that it doesn't always sound the same, but trust me, I loved everything else! I'd probably give it a 9.5 out of 10!

This game I feel is best played alone in the dark, it just makes it a better experience. 

Anyways, I really loved this game. It's shorter, but it honestly really sucked me in. The third section in the dark hallways made me genuinely scared to round every corner, and when I saw *ahem* THAT on the ground, a huge chill went up my spine and I found the repeating text on the walls near the end of that hallway to be pretty creepy. I love the storytelling aspect, I love how it actually made me scared, it's a great game. 

My only complaints are the way to inspect notes and open doors, because they don't always register, and also, sometimes when you try to read a note or open a door, you accidentally go out of a door behind you. You also don't always know where to go, so the first time of me playing this, I found that I had missed two notes, so that's a little problematic. 

Those are my only two complaints, otherwise, I love the game! Keep up the great work!

I found this game through Trevor Henderson because I love his work, and honestly, I liked this little experience! It was short but interesting, and the moment you actually see Siren Head is pretty well made!   I like  it's     long limbs, and the way  it    moves   feels just like how I imagined  Siren Head    would!

Honestly just an amazing game. The artwork, the narration, the way you are thrown into the middle of it, I just love this game. Hoping to see more of this or see more like this in the future.


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Honestly, I'm loving the game already. I can relate to a lot of the opinions of the character you play as as well, so that just makes it better. There are a couple typos here and there, but it honeslty doesn't matter much. I haven't played this game in a while, but I'm enjoying the good chunk of story that was added while I wasn't here, and I hope to see more in the future!

Great short little visual novel! I would love to see more added in the future!