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sweet style! i played tons of dress up games as a kid when we first got the internet so it made me a bit nostalgic. loved the sunglasses, they give all outfits the vibe of deal with it - confidence,

i love the style of this game,its also such a gentle concept! great work

sweet and pretty! 

Cute game! i loved it when i realized i could put a book on the bed, for some reason, makes the room look lived in. Great work!

this is incredible cute! i love the art work, and the concept.

this is really sweet! 

took me a tiny bit before i got the hang on it but i really like the game play!

thanks for this great game!

lovely idea & presentation. I am really really bad at it (i am bad at all typing games), but it was still great fun.

Loved it! Great message that i feel lots of personal connection too, and interesting way of presentation. Thanks for making and sharing this!

This is such a great sentiment, this really gave me feels, thanks so much!

This was really beautiful! The art style is not usally my thing but i like it here, because of associations like Rose of Versaille.

Nice work!!

super cute! played it with ny mouse. it really made me smile and feel better, love the look  of it all.

i played it alone and it was great fun so far, the design is very cute!