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This game is amazing! I love the ambiance and the whole design. This game did the atmosphere perfectly and the whole idea was executed phenomenally. However it was short but still terrifying not knowing is anything lurks in the dark. Worth the play. Thanks to the creators you did an amazing job. I almost forgot to mention the reality shifting, very clever design and made perfectly! 


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THIS GAME WAS AMAZING!! I haven't played such an amazing game in months and this took me by surprise the humor was perfect. The language caught me by surprise but fit in perfect. Amazing vocabulary only one issue, I didn't talk with one guy at the start which made we restart the game later. Luckily it isn't too long so I got back on track. Thanks for an a great game worth the play!


Love the game it was amazing and a lot deeper than I thought...

Great game and amazing concept reminded me a lot of the portal series but that's not a bad thing at all, great work I really enjoyed it.


Played your fun little game I loved it great for being made in 48 hours keep up the good work guys!


Loved the game made me laugh lol, I loved the art style and it was nice a quick good job.


I loved this game and gave it a try please let me know if you plan on adding more or anything like that game was great I hope you keep up the great work. Hopefully my playthrough is good and I didn't mess up too bad.


Hey just played your game thought it was a lot of fun and please keep up the great work

My playthrough: