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i was just wondering this, as there's nothing in the rules about starting before the jam's start date, and i'm sure others who have joined are wondering the same ^_^ 

this was a really nice game!! i had a lot of fun playing it and the narrative was definitely very interesting :) <3

this is a cute game! i think that the character moves a little too quickly (and therefore makes it much harder to get very far in the game), but otherwise it's really fun to play!!

great game! i liked the part where i made pizza

this was a cute game!! :)

thank you so much!! and don't worry, i have a feeling things are getting better for her :) <3

this was so cute! i really liked the message and the art style of the game ^_^

i loved this! the different vibes in all of the scenes was absolutely amazing, keep up the good work ^_^ <3

thank you so much!! i'm so glad to hear that you liked it :') <3

this is a really interesting concept! i'm going to recommend it to my friend, as she loves tetris

awesome game! the characters are all really cool and the art style was absolutely *chefs kiss*

this was fun! i was worried when the cat showed up

thank you!! :) <3 i'm glad you found it delightful!

thank you so much! i think i subconsciously chose cats because mine really helps me get through it when i'm in the midst of a depressive episode :)

i really liked playing the goblin baby part :> it was very cute and well done!! 

i loved this so much ;-; i found both endings and i can say with confidence that they are both absolutely beautiful. thank you so much for making this, and i hope to see more from you in the future! you have a lovely writing style, as other commenters have mentioned

loved playing this!! super cute story and i loved all of the quirky text :> can't wait to see more from you!

this was so cute :,) i'm a sucker for cheesy messages in games, and this hit just the right spot! great job, and i can't wait to see more from you in the future <3

thank you so much!! as someone with depression, rainy days are really comforting to me, so i'm glad that i was able to portray that through the game! ^^ <3

thank you so much!! ^_^ <3

thank you so much!! your game was very cute as well ^_^

awesome game! loved the color palette and the characters :)

i like it!

loved this game!! the music, characters, and rooms all have their own personality and i went back to read all the dialogue from the rooms i missed before i found the flower just so i wouldn't miss anything! overall, very good job :)

interesting! i like the aesthetic

this game is really good!! i really like the use of the sound effects and the way everything is presented!! i'll definitely be recommending it to my friends ^^

definitely worth the money!!! it was very cute and warmed my heart. i recommended it to my friends