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Fun game, with some small tweaks and more levels & obstacles, this could make it as a full title. I do agree that the small transition period before time stopping can get frustrating. Overall, great work!

Utsvulten is appropriately weird and surreal. You scalp your friends and eat their brain matter. After eating enough brains, you're finally able to comprehend the ending to Game of Thrones. Thanks for this experience

If you haven't checked out Ditto's other game, GoNNER - do that please.

Had a lot of fun with this one. I'm a sucker for creative game-jam titles that own some sort of wacky mechanic and this one did it for me. Great sense of humor - I even loved how the devs couldn't even deliver some of the lines without laughing. The NPCs have anime-like faces which just adds to the zany nature. overall, download this game and follow the devs to watch for what they might have in store next.

Absolutely loved this game. The style of humor was absolutely up my alley, and the QWOP controls lead to some funny moments. I ended up 100%'ing everything in a little over an hour and a half. If this were to ever be expanded to a full-priced title - I would pick it up. Worth the download for anyone curious. Thanks

Really enjoyed this one. I'm a sucker for low-poly and jumping straight into the action. There was a bit of an issue with the hit-box for the boss's jumping attack. It seems very large for the amount of time you have to react, and there was one time where I walked into a boulder that wasn't moving and died. Overall thought I think you have something with this one that can easily be expanded on. Good work guys!