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I don't think I'm 'the' anything ;)  but thank you

I can go and read it now ;)

Oh I just love map drawing games - where you get to plot your own path.  Like a Lo Fi version of Fall of Magic!

I can't find the game to download?  Am I missing something?

I love this concept - I'm definitely putting Brain Madder on my shortlist for Stage 2!

This is such an evocative idea!

It has been a long time since I played any computer games (except Pokemon Go) but this is making me want to hear the success music again!

Oh I love it - it is so fun and hopeful!  

Have you forgotten to upload the game file?  I'm looking for it so I can read it but I can't find it?

If I had the time (and the art skills) I'd love to turn this into a board game!

I want to make this into a social media-wide game with lots of players making a garden of stories that grow and die.

I wish I got given business cards like this!

Ok, i've no ideas on how to hack this because basically it sounds perfect.  Can you get on and run it for me now Ralph?

I found your breakdown of what a conflict is incredibly interesting and helpful.  Thank you:)

Using TV tropes as a randomiser is just so clever... so so clever.  Well played.

Wow - this is such a cool piece of setting.  

Obviously as the originator of 3Forged you are the master at this - but J.Walton is right.  How you give people a sense of your though process and leave places to finish the game is brilliant.  Feels like a stand-alone game which invites every reader to finish it (not just the jammers) and that is super inspiring.

Now I want to make a bunch of part-baked games for other people to finish off in their oven.

The idea of building a tunnel collaboratively, a card at a time is just really cool.  

I see this being cool in creating a solo journalling version of Don't Rest Your Head or Psi Run or something.    Nice!

A long long time ago I had an idea for game about competing to make the best art before the world ended and this would be perfect for that.

This is such a cool idea - I don't know what to do with it, but I really want to play it over Zoom with my kid and his friends!

I wish some big name Indie games had the great advice on framing/setting a scene that you have put in a 500 word game seed!

Ok, this is honestly one of my favourite so far and I love how it could be a short stand alone game or how you could use it in almost any other game for a group from Apocalypse World to D&D.  So awesome!

I really love how you get story gamers to 'use their other dice' in this.  Makes my little geek heart happy.

OMG this is the perfect jumping off point for slice of life play!

This is really intriguing.  I don't really know anything about the system of  elements in China but it is really evocative like this.

I'm really enjoying the idea of the same card having different prompts for the player and the dealer, but dealing with the same subject.  Very cool.

The idea of the quarterdecks is so evocative. I would love to try this out in a heist setting!

Sweet idea!  I think getting people to take risks with 'THEIR' character can be so hard and this is a good way of easing people into that :)

Well, aren't we both clever ;)

Oooh I saw your game is for up to 7 plus a GM.  Any tips on how to manage such a large player group as I'm terrible at that.

The gender exploration in here is cool and interesting.  But I'd be lying if I didn't mention the idea of playing shepherds of strange creatures is totally grabbing me.

Also I'm a sucker for anything inspired by Area X.

This is really awesome Galen.  Firstly using the 'map in your car' is such a lovely, tactile idea.  Secondly it immediately made me think of hacking it to make it about a contract killer getting their targets.  Nice work!

I love this seed SO much and not just because it was inspired by Wreck This Deck.  I definitely have some inspiration on where to take this next and I might pick it up in round 2.

thank you!  I think I might cannabalise it into a 'proper' game at some point!

Hi everyone

I'm currently playtesting my game at this blog here:

The game involves letters written from an angel/demon (who has not revealed their identity) to the agony aunt of a teenage girls magazine.  The letter writer is seeking advice on a life problem they have.

The game is played on a blog and part of the game is that the audience participate by comment on the blog posts with their own opinions (in much the same way that you can comment on online agony columns today!).

I've got a few comments but it would be fun to have some more.


I've got my concept and I'm excited to try it out! 
My concept is this:  An Angel (or perhaps a Demon) is writing letters to the Agony column of teen girl magazine.

I read this website a while ago which was really interesting to me:

Otherwise I think best known letter game is De Profundis -

I published one to my patrons this month but it isn't on general release yet - sorry that isn't super helpful.

Awesome,  followed!

What a great jam - I love letter writing games!