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Hi everyone

I'm currently playtesting my game at this blog here:

The game involves letters written from an angel/demon (who has not revealed their identity) to the agony aunt of a teenage girls magazine.  The letter writer is seeking advice on a life problem they have.

The game is played on a blog and part of the game is that the audience participate by comment on the blog posts with their own opinions (in much the same way that you can comment on online agony columns today!).

I've got a few comments but it would be fun to have some more.


I've got my concept and I'm excited to try it out! 
My concept is this:  An Angel (or perhaps a Demon) is writing letters to the Agony column of teen girl magazine.

I read this website a while ago which was really interesting to me:

Otherwise I think best known letter game is De Profundis -

I published one to my patrons this month but it isn't on general release yet - sorry that isn't super helpful.

Awesome,  followed!

What a great jam - I love letter writing games!

Hi Alice - I recently played this game at my local gaming club and everyone loved it.  I'm about half-way through writing my own playset for it.  

I wondered if you have a twitter or other social media account that I can follow as well as itchio?