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okay thanks for telling me, btw has everything been going ok on making the game release? because my youtube channel is getting really annoying with how everyone is asking for the release date and of course I dk with the date, so yea nice if you had a tiny estimate!

thanks :)

what you need to do is get the "wolfquest trial win" and drag it onto your desktop and then get the "wolfquest trial win data" or what ever it is and then do the same. that's basically it :) DO NOT MESS WITH ANYTHING ELSE!

please tell me why you are removing any typing options for 2.7 no affence because I know you have worked hard but this is very silly especially how it says "lets start a private server" because then you cant even say what the user and password is for the server! and then there is, no server and there fore is no actual talking, please think about the impact of taking this awesome chat away, and how awkward its gonna be not being able to talk I'm mean, c'mon.

please do you know how the puppy multiplayer thing is gonna work?

or anyone?

seriously can someone reply

please anyone, can you tell me how this puppy multiplayer thing is gonna work, like will there be a sertain server or like you just both players comfirm to have puppies, its really confusing and I want to know so I'm not disappointed, but its okay if it is classed as giving out too much info before its released, but if not please reply

thank you <(o _ o)> smiles