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Yeah, I used the fact I doubt I would've been able to finish the game at ALL without it.  I just really suck at being FAST in these kind of games...even when there's NOT also a monstrous freak constantly chasing me!!  :-)

That's great, I'll look forward to it!  Think they might also do one for Killer Escape 4?  As I'm not good enough at that one to unlock either of the awards, I've been hoping for someone else to do it and make a video, but so far it looks like no one has...

I just replayed this again...highly enjoyable.  But I still can't find one datapad, and quite a few crystals!  Is there a walkthru anywhere that includes the locations of these?

Ah ok, yeah that makes more sense.  I didn't even realize it didn't do that before... :-)

Looking good.  Though I'm not sure the "puzzles keep their state" thing is working...I reloaded the page and opened the game again and everything was reset.

Heh, so after seeing this I went and looked around the game some more looking for a clue I missed, before seeing your other post.  At least in the process I discovered the hotspots on the animals that I missed before.  Twisted little bastards... :-)

Latest version looks good.  Framerate still fine for me.  I like the new font on the notes.  It's a little jarring to have the music change every time you toggle between main view and item view....but perhaps we'll be interacting with each item for long enough in the actual game that that won't be an issue.

Oh yeah, MUCH better.  Seems totally natural now.

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I'm pegged at around 63fps in both Firefox and Chrome.  Specs:  i5 760, 8gigs RAM, Win 10 x64.

Love the interface, though i feel like the direction of rotation when clicking and dragging the 3D objects is not entirely intuitive...