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beautiful stones

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incredible visuals and atmosphere, in both parts. out of curiosity, have you ever read his dark materials? the city reminds me a lot of cittàgazze from those books.

going to write a review for this anyway, but i thought it'd be nice to comment so everyone can see. this game is simple, but don't let that fool you. its narrative is delightful and haunting in equal measure, complete with beautiful visuals the likes of which i've not seen in some time. i really enjoy the trails left on the map that lead you to things, it's such a nice concept. if you're considering playing this, go in blind and just let your feet take you onwards.

my apologies! people like me tend to take these things kind of literally, hence it being an unpleasant surprise for me when i wasn't expecting any loud noise or sudden movements (the part where the body's hanging on a street lamp comes to mind). and whether that's part of the story or not, it put me off a lot and i never got to find out why that's there. i will try again, perhaps!

kinda disappointing that the game warns you there's "no sudden noises, no jumpscares", when it relies heavily on that... if i were you i'd remove that warning before you start the game. i understand it was probably meant to be taken as a joke or something, but not everyone will know this (i didn't at first).