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dang. that was really cool. i managed to play through both sections without instructions. this gave me a really intense myst-like vibe, despite such a simple and brief premise.

that second part is definitely very.. effective, though. i was baring my teeth the whole time while moving through the passages as quick as i could press the keys. very good job

we definitely need more things like this. especially sound-based. what would have made this perfect is if a successful step made a different noise than a failed step, because then you'd be able to play this game just by hearing alone

good work! thank you for this

hey, if you need a playtester, I'm down. this sounds like a very neat idea. abstract strategy games are definitely something of an underexplored genre as far as digital games go. i look forward to this

hey, just letting you know that malwarebytes flagged the exe as a trojan

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(yes, i have seen the secret ending. that was one part that i very much would have enjoyed panning)

i'm very excited to hear we'll be seeing more of this dragon. will you be uploading to this account? or is there another place that you're posting your projects? i would be delighted to see more

also, as far as suggestions...! there are so many things that a dragon needs tending to. trimming/buffing claws, polishing scales, accompanying them on their excursions to act as pack mule, organising their hoard, entertaining them (perhaps with something like hide-and-don'tgeteaten?), presenting gifts to appease them. i'm curious about the context though, because in the tooth brushing scene, the dragon's all bound up in this harness! is this something the dragon is into? so many possibilities

(edit:) oh, and thanks for the reply! <3

(edit x2:) i did actually forget to mention a visual problem. in windowed mode, some of the text displays weird or is altogether cut off. in case you didn't already notice!

this is hands down (all over the dragon) one of the cutest games i've played. i'm gonna tell everyone i know about this. you have won my heart. there are just so many cute things about this it actually made me a bit emotional despite the briefness of the experience.

my only yearn was for a camera panning feature, so i could view the last two scenes from different perspectives. but that's about it (other than more scenes. i can't honestly say which i'd like more of since they're all wonderful).

thank you for this. i enthusiastically encourage more wholesome content like this

this is delightfully entertaining and relaxing, i love the way the environment feels and comes together, and the flying feels exciting in a not stressful way. thank you for making this

one thing i might suggest though: some kind of respawn feature. trying to speed through and accidentally clipping through acute angles of the environment was a bit discouraging.

also, there might be some kind of memory leaking that results in a freeze. it's happened a couple times for me already. this might just be on my end, though i'm surprised the game runs so well on a toaster!