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Beating Heart Studio

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Damn you for having such a great style!

Jokes aside I couldn't stop myself from getting the complete bundle. I'm a hobbyist game developer who already has far more assets than I know what to sanely do with considering the time I have to devote to my hobby but after stumbling upon your assets I couldn't stop myself from ensuring I have access to what is already available. 

If I ever manage to actually put together a coherent releasable game I'll be coming back for your exclusive content but at least for now I cannot justify the regular payments. Thank you for your creativity and for allowing it to fuel mine!

Have a great 2023!

Depends on the time investment it would require. I know that at least I would play around at times with drop shadows and offsetting them in different ways to mimic different sunlight scenarios just to make the visuals a bit more dynamic. That is mostly what led to me bringing it up.

Pack looks great. Nice crisp look. Leafed through it and thought that if simple enough then likely a "no shadow" version of the buildings might be sought after by some (personally I know I have more assets waiting for me to do something with than time already). Nice clear filename that will help me ensure I can categorize it and find it later.

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Worth adding a high level overview image for the assets in the pack or at least a typed out listing of the assets to expect (e.g. 4 trees, 3 bushes etc). Helps people know what to expect especially if you already posted a similar image on twitter.

  • 2 x Branch
  • 4 x Bush
  • 7 x Grass
  • 6 x Ground
  • 4 x Rocks
  • 15 x Tree
  • 3 x Tree Dead
  • 5 x Tree Shadow
  • 2 x Trunk

Worth also naming the archive something more unique - at least I find it helpful since I have a lot of "asset packs". Could go with something like

Otherwise the contents looks nice. Not sure I'll find a use for it just because I lack the talent to make anything that would go along with it and often am more lacking in time to use the assets I already have.

Cannot view the fly through sample as the video is private.