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Why Greg 馃様

finally, I have the experience to be a future dog owner馃挆 ty man

Ronald got me zesty

Bro a menace for ordering four pineapple pizzas

That hallway jumpscare deadas got me cus i was already lookin back lol. GJ bro.

Great game, dude! The jumpscare in the hallway got me real shook. I'm hoping to see more games from u in the future馃榿


Im thirsty af rn... Ending got me shook

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really sinister game馃槰 They should make a series about this on youtube!

My man Mr.Clean forcing me to clean his dumps!?! truly Fun and short eerie game :) 

what da dog doin

Superb short game. Cats & Dogs looks AMAZING! 

This game makes you feel isolated due to the environment and small house馃槄(I wouldn't mind living there)

Decent game!

better than squid game

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its an okay game. if u fix the bugs it will be superb... I had fun tho!

edit: I play the updated version of it and It definitely improved a bit

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*typing...* I wonder how you got this concept its creative ! sadly I only made it around 40 :( I will come back though(if im not 馃挬) . Superb Game!

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I've never found myself being scared of watching TV until today. Its the TV that is unsettling. every time you press to switch the channel its  DISTURBING. Its either peppa pig or Happy Tree Friends. Disturbing game...

I really enjoyed this Chucky game! I probably got my cheeks sliced once or twice maybe馃槩 I had fun playing this game :) Thanks

I absolutely liked the soundtrack of this game and the environment! I was able to get the 3 endings. Decent Game! 

this is honestly better than the original.     IGN - "Would Clap Again馃崙"

there was a few bugs but overall the game had a Superb atmosphere and did its job scaring the  馃挬 outta me. including that tall a$$ women who's probably taller than dimitrescu (re8)

Short but petrifying馃槹

I really loved this game.. the mechanics, story, environment, the ending and how terrifying it is. Its different from the other horror games I have recently played before. Its worth a play!! 馃憤

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11/10 IGN - " Masterpiece "

U have to be ultra Silent馃か

one day I'll finish Aka Manto  馃幁

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Unique Game! It made me 馃挬 Twice after I finished Both Mannequin House And Down Beneath. thanks Bored Leviathan

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Plants Vs Zombies Sequel