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your game is so cool and i love to see more 

that was so beautiful and exciting and thrilling please don't stop i want to see more i want to see what happens next i want to see the ending of this novel story makes me feel like i want to know more what happens ? maybe the main character we find his true love

oh  my  god ... what...what just happened it was just almost like...i need to know what happened i hope there is another update on this novel....i really want to know what happens like almost like it's flashed before my eyes are something

... wow 

IS there more 

i can that in pc

cool i can wait 

is there more ?

liking it i love it .... i really get horny every time i think of it  

liking it i love it .... i really get horny every time i think of it  


is there more oh of it 


ok i'll try to stay calm and relaxed it's kind of exciting in unexpectedly my heart is just pounding like... oh my god 

please if there's more i need to know what happens my head is spinning like crazy i really need something ....what's going to happen...or  what will happen

what the hell ....  so the main character is actually half his three sons in the same area as they are with something that they did not expect that coming....can someone tell me what's the hell is going on here.....i can't even think anymore my head is spinning a crazy even my thought is like comparing was going on really was going on

yah .. oh man im really turn on by thinking of it 

i wanted more 

i wanted more it really sexy and lovely

pls more pls  i can wait  to play more 

pls more pls  i can wait  to play more 

oh my god ... so sexy and hot ... im so horny just playing the game

wow i want more it's sexy,hot,yummy and so handsome

oh man .. i dont know what to do 

oh man i cant wait 

i want more


i cant play it

i cannot play it  ? help!?

i what to see more 

i love it !? i wanted to see more !?

i really need help ?

i really in help how to play the game

pls more 

do you still continue making the update on this  game 

when's the new update?

when's the new update on there game ? 


is there gonna be a next update with the  game

pls tell me i need to know