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i did that in the previous one but that was a long time ago since this is the new update i have to make another one i guess i'm just start over seriously how was a really good at it before now i forgot how to do it again got damn it i wish i could just recorded for put in notes or save in the different files back then i only save in one file at a time or the same files


i really need more guide how to make this a perfect adventure game i'm really i'm bad at it

i will be in to see more of this is really interesting and i hope there is a romantic scene if you know what i mean this is heating interesting visual novel i want you to sing more

i wish you there is another way to just have all the chapters at the same time but it's not my business i like it i hope i can see the other soon

i hope there is more to come i want to see more of this this is kind of fun and looks pretty interesting

i just leave it there is more graphics you know in the first starting like i can sex with his partner or a friend and also like the voice acting on the first one when you start the game  i wish there are more of that

i want to see more of it this visual novel is my favorite most of all he has fantasy and also human and furry in the military trying to find their place in the world even though the main character is a human and trying his best to help his knight would anything he can i just want to see more of it i'm excited to see more

i wonder if there is like an auto reading

i wish it was in a english version

i hope you come to make another episode today is it getting too exciting and getting really really more juicy

i understand i can't wait to see what's next and i hope it's going to be awesome

i love it i want more of it play it it really expiring and also really romantic the voice acting was beautiful honestly but i hate to say this but it need to our volume you know talk a little bit louder i can't quite hear their voice but i want you to see more please it's romantic and beautiful i just want to know more i want to know what happens next after this what happened to the main character their human i want to know what happened the expense is killing me i really want to know

i hope there is more updates on this visual novel rp and also how to get a good relationship with other crew members and how to get true relationship with the crew members.....and also i cannot tell it is day or night everytime i pass that time my sleeping or for waiting does a cannot tell it is daytime or nighttime can you fix that but it's really confusing i don't like to be rude i'm just having hard time and also try to improve them i trying my best to complete it some of the quest some of them are pretty hard to complete and also i cannot tell you i'm selling those black stones or buying those  glowing stones it's heart will tell if how much i have to spend on it..... and if you see some words are misspelled or not the proper pronunciation sorry i'm using translate it to help me i'm dyslexic so please forgive me

you need to level up all your skills available through first if you are level 8 then increase your strength  level by six then constipation level four or 5 if you want dex level 4 willpower is level two or four it depends on if you want to have more power on using the skills i mean and that's it that's only you have the sword  ok don't use the gun....that works with me but if you want to increase more of your intelligence as well just add 1ok that's all i can tell you

it's a nice looking game but i wish i could play for free but it doesn't matter it looks really nice i hope you have success on this game you're making very happy about it that everybody loves it

i'm really glad that you may this i almost didn't recognize the characters some of them i know from pokemon and some of them are from different countless i never seen before for it just my imagination i'm sorry i'm not really good at knowing which one is fun pokemon or which one is from another game that i don't know about

it was very cool i wish there is a what you called this like every also auto reading in other visual novels i played david out all the words because i'm dyslexic how was this one has one as well

are you going to update the new  route in other characters and i want to know more please i just need to know more i want to know what happens next to the tiger route i didn't even know what's going to happen next

i never seen this visual novel before but i will try to play it soon i wish there is more chapters and a character that has came from another time where all  different creatures never seen a human before

i can't believe it's happening but i don't know which one is better the bear or the dinosaur and what's going on this is getting crazy everything is corrupt . the mary's acting crazy one of the friend is already trying to meet at deal with another person this is getting out of hand it's this can be good or bad please i need more information i wish everything will that be normal everything is corrupted by corrupted by having sex and making them with other people with money and  sexual urges....i have many questions in my mind and many imagine that what will happen but please i need to know what happens next is the main character going to have a happy life or have a bad experience again using another person factor of his life and have many things  need to be answer please i need answers!?    i wish everything was back to normal and i'm very happy for the main character was already confessed his feelings to the person that he loves whoever he can be and he did went on the stage and dance with his kids i mean suns it was really really good but i guess the other guys around the stage was getting getting horny by him even though he's the chief of the police station and some of them really wants to have him for fun pleasure or even becoming there's there is sex toy 

i was there is more of this update i really want to know what happens next

i do love to update but i really want to know more and this suspended kidding me what's going to happen to him and his sons because i couldn't leave them alone if your father were killed or been used for evil purposes and what's with the deal with the mayor and the other officer trying to do something harm or trying not to make it like it was before i really don't understand the history of that town i was they show more about it and trying to figure out what really is going on i'm idiom come shooter no i'm just really worried about the main character and his son's are they going to be killed or we use or something please help me i need to know

i can't believe it he realize that he's already turning bisexual but he is more on men than female i'm not really sure but i really need to know more i'm guessing everything will go right until someone will lose one of his officer friends for lover to do someone's dirty work or trying to do someone's dirty work as well i really need to know what's happening is he going to finally have a boyfriend and i hope  his son's or not in trouble or get worse and what's with the deal with the mayor and that other officer who is trying to become the chief i can't understand this is getting weirder and weirder by the minute

i really enjoy the update but it's really confusing and mixed feelings right now i really don't know it's going to be happy sad worried or even terrifying....i don't know what's going to happen is it going to be a good ending bad ending or even sam is already found someone he loves and he doesn't know he's just there watching from afar and i wished the children will know that he is becoming to like guys i just wished he could tell them the truth right now

i don't believe this it's very confusing what's going on i really need to know what happens and i can't believe those two guys try to get information by having sex i didn't know what's going on with them i need more information about hope there's more of this soon i really want to know what happened and also to sam i hope he can find a way to tell his son that he's beginning to like guys already without

like it .....i love it!?  i've been waiting for months weeks and days for the next update or episode i really want to know more and also i wonder if the character can get married with spencer already i have many thoughts of something will happen or something will blow my mind and heart i wish i want to see more of you because i'm dying to know what really happens next seriously i took my heart cannot take it anymore of the expense and surprises i think my whole body wants me to just drop dead right now

pls pls more i need so see more of it .... oh man i really love your work

i can't believe it this is happening i can't believe it it's happened i don't know what's going on...i really am suspicious about mystery angel?

Dwayne is a sexy man and really a funny guy i want to see more of it he's really curious i wonder what his kinks the main characters said there was a little bit of leather strap and a leopard loincloth that means he's into....OMG NO WHY !? now it's getting really interesting great job for making this. i hope you create more of it it's getting it is more update please let me know i really need to know what happens next to all of the characters including.....the new character....i hope you and i going to include another handsome lion in the your visual novel if you do i swear to god i'm going to have another heart attack a seizure and i'm going to have another nose breed i'm not referring the other lion and prefer a different lion character if you know what i mean. sorry to make so many of questions and sometimes i get really carried away coz i feel the thrills and chills what will happen next or even the main character we get married for real this time i really don't know 'm really i'm sorry i'm your biggest fan and i really want to know what happens next

i love it


rizal park is from the philippines how did you know that location and i hope you can take to making this visual novel game i really want to know what happened next it's gonna intriguing

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what  can i say because those guys are really sexy and hot even there are little bit pervert but i only wish there is one person who has since...if you know what i mean

like maybe the white polar bear will give him the love he needs i wish i was there also giving him love as well ....even though   god dammit i'm not there but i really want to be the part of the story that i will help you with all my heart and soul  like i feel like i really want to marry here right now  fuck .....even though i'm not even there as a character but i wish i was there right now to give you a hug and kiss my head is spinning right now all of this questions what will happen in imagine what will happen to found anyone to love or to be loved.......i'm going out of my mind again over here

omg *fall on the floor can't breathe properly* this is getting crazy you will he will find someone to fall in love with and be together forever i can't think straight please help me i don't know what's going to happen please what's going to happen to him * fall on the floor can't breathe properly* this is getting crazy you will he will find someone to fall in love with and be together forever i can't think straight please help me i don't know what's going to happen please what's going to happen to him with the main character i know i need to be patient but i can't i really can't be patient see someone help me in tell me what's going  wrong...oh my god *i try to breathe in deeply but i still feel the shaking feeling my backbones didn't know i can't control myself  *i try to breathe in deeply but i still feel the shaking feeling my backbones didn't know i can't control myself from collapsing or going conscious*

yeah i keep see a really give me a creepy vibe almost like the whispers telling him to give up no one will love him or even he will never love him back forever either way i don't know he can control his emotions or the urge to to give up and just kill yourself right there 

oh man so many emotions that this character cannot hold again i wish i just tell you the truth already but that is only their decision i just wished he could tell him about the everything that nightmare he has or what is bothering him the main this is a very nice novel but please make more i really need to know what happens next this expense it's killing me i'm so impatient i can't wait i just want more

oh man i want more and see if there some of sexy and so hot guy have feeling or have relationship with the main character... oh man i really need to know

i never notice another character who is a gorilla and the math teacher of the main character that is really awesome and that can i see it's so sexy almost he looks like winston from overwatch but the color is different and he's not wearing glasses any  male counter with glasses looks hot and sexy as hell