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when's the next season or updating this

.... OH MY GOD... I NEED  MORE PLS I NEED MORE !?..... im sorry i can't believe this a new route and i can't believe richard has is own story to tell and there is one character i know and his name is oscar ok you're making it more surprising and you making my heart feel like i'm going to have another seizure attack ....i really don't know what to do right now i have all my memories of its game now there's a new character in it and a new i hope you going to create more of this because it's already making my heart feel like i want to die for another heartwarming,drama,suspense and romance this wonderful visual novel making im loving yet all the time* bow and cry hard* 

You're very welcome here this is like a real life story i wish you could have more details about the father and a kids to but i just really want to see those for boys going back to his father crying hugging and father telling them sorry for a bonding them and thinking they didn't accept who they really are it was kiss me to tears when i see them like that even though the father has an issue but they don't know his background and thinking about it making me want to cry again

i really want to know what happened to the kids i really want to know what tell me that they're going back together with his father i know i know because every time i try to see them they make me cry at as a really want to know what really happened.....i cannot believe sam is going to kill yourself i really want to know this is a sad story but i eat always end up with the somebody trying to find some weakness of the police chief this is turning my emotions all over my body into a crazy feet this is based on a real-life story or something my heart can't take it anymore please please please i need to know more what happened please.......i know i'm asking too much but i can help with it really turns my feeling... * cry hard* aaahhh have a funny jokes sometimes a little corny once and even a little bit scary parts are and i love it it have a funny jokes sometimes a little corny once and even a little bit scary parts are and i love it please i hope there's more of it i really want to know what happens and some of it it makes me laugh a little bit crazy so excited and making me go out of my mind i really want to know more

pls more ... i need to know what happens next 10 when you can make the other characters route

i wish  is there's a way to find the password to every time i  go to a different characters in  the  visual novel game

oh my god .... pls i need more ... i'm dying to know what happens next please i'm going to die right now i can take it my heart is already filled with suspense and sadness right now and i'm not gonna lie because i want to cry at the expense when they tried to find out if there will meet their father.....i'm sorry if i'm saying this so long i just need to know my heart can't take it anymore this is the best visual novel in the world i am proud you i am so happy...i'm so honored to you see your game is trying its best to show the true meaning of love and family * crying hard* im so fucking happy 

... wow pls i hope you can make more soon ... i really want to know whats next update welcome i hope is something more than i won't say it but it really make me cry a lot and remind me of something i wish i could... fuck  the excitement the drama the comedy the motions the feelings are really already taking over my body and my head ... so pls i want you to do your best to make it more remarkable and emotional and romantic whatever it is i hope i can see it and you're very welcome i'll support you as best i can...even how much it takes me to wait for the next one to come out i will be there to support you as your number one because fan

i cant play it 

i wanted more

i really in need more 

oh i cant play it

pls more i wanted more 

please tell me this is not happening to tommy and i hope he well love hes father and forget everything what he done in the past  .....i hope tommy will see his father again  the new father that he should know loving understanding caring...but i still don't trust that other guy who working to police officer ... that  wolf guy? i just wish everything will go back to normal with their family the rhinos i mean

i don't know is just feel site is going to get worse and worse

oh fuck i can't believe this is happening all three brothers knows except the fourth brother doesn't know about his father is a chief ,, somebody already told him now the three brothers holiday knows about his father already but his fourth brother oh my god i don't know what will happen will iv brother will find his father and kill him or worse i have no idea please tell me this is not not happening i don't know what i'm going to do i'm going to cry right now i'm really worried about him and his son.....can anyone please tell me what's going on i don't know anymore i'm crying like hell here

i really want to know more what happened please please i need to know what happens next .....the suspense is killing me like crazy i've been waiting to see what happens next then i have to wait god please kill me already i really need to know what happened to next are they going to get in trouble more or get to what aaahhhh my head is already feeling with lots of questions was going to happen any when we're going to see other characters

oh man ... i dont have that kind of money since i live in the philippines and yes i'm not working on just at home doing nothing just playing online games

i think it needs a little more sex appeal....if you know what i mean


do you have any guide on this game get the good ending ....can you please help me

i really don't know it's like it doesn't really want me to play

i can't play it what's wrong there is no where i can play it the visual novel that i download it it only gives me a warning

sorry.... i just really want to know what happens to all the parts of the stories and some routes that still not yet shown is really difficult to find a good or bad stories or even trying to find them at all

how to make sure the lizardmen the wet one falls in love with me in her far first date? is very hard on this how was there is more guide how to play this properly i don't like to start least i make the shop guy who can change to a werewolf fall in love with me that's a start but the rest of the males character are really difficult for me and think i'm still new at it but i need more it's really a good game

oh my god.... i.. i .. oh my god this is can't be happening i can't believe it it is happening on that freaking day .... i'm guessing one of the sons of the police chief is suddenly get a really having deja vu right now and also he doesn't know his father's here now he knows thank you his stupid boss....i can even things to eat i don't even care anymore i just want to know what happens besides anything that sexy beast i really alluring i only think what will happen or will happen in this story

i really want more

pls more pls i need oi know i want to know what happened to all of the characters scenes and what happens next if one of them get married.... pls

wow .. is really sexy and so good 


wow .. pls make more of the hot i really like to see it more

pls more pls i need more of that game

i wish i could play it without playing the demo all the time

oh my

pls more pls 

oh my god this is like a totally full of drama romance and suspense game i ever seen in my life i can't even talk......i really need to know about the background of the other characters including the father and his kids i really have to know .... this is really really 10 out of 10  i love it 

i cannot believe his son is working in a salon.....what is going on my head is spinning like crazy and my heart is beating like crazy too i can't control my feelings...someone please explain what's going on here until i want to die or i really want to know what's going on i really really really want to know

PLA MORE MORE I NEED TO KNOW MORE PLS PLS .... AAAAHHAH I CANNOT WAIT ....i really need to know what happened FUCK !? 

oh my god oh my god .....