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I've barely started but it's already so fun and interesting.

It's literally the only reason I found this amazing game.

So... Every so often the game just freezes when i try to open a door. Sounds play but I cant move or do anything. and when a load a save it still freezes the next time i open a door and it doesn't allow me to talk to anyone. Closing and reopening the game fixes it sometimes. This hasn't happened on any of the previous versions. Current version (9.2 Windows x64)

Grind Money from jobs and exchange gold for goddess coins from the fairy that sells the dresses and book pages. 15 gold per goddess coin. But it is infinite so even if you miss the chests in the unlock sex minigames you can still buy all the stuff.

I can't really play this game in Browser because half the time it just stops loading halfway through. It is my computers fault not the game's.

So I go to GameJolt and download it and play it in my flash player projector thing. .SWF player.

Here is the Link