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Good point. The dangerous flowers are kind of pointless to go for. Unless you just like the way they look and want to give them a sniff. It was a fun jam. Thanks for giving it a go

Haha ya the gameplay does kind of suck. But we just wanted to make a game where you smell flowers :P

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Hey moshyfawn! Thanks for giving Larme a try! We had a blast watching your video. Thank you for all of the feedback, it was great seeing what you enjoyed and what drove you crazy. We'll hopefully resolve all of the irritating design flaws as we move forward. We're planning on adding plenty of upgrades ;) 



Game play and write-up from Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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Hey CoalFire! Thank you for trying out Larme. 
Not being able to get out of the first area is definitely not your fault. You were missing a key mechanic... but that's because we neglected to include any explanation on how to use it! If you hold down "B" you can charge your weapon and release a extra powerful blast. Larme is in a very early stage of development and we will address everything that it misleading or confusing.  We're going to upload a new build that will explain the charge shot on the main menu. Eventually the game will have some sort of tutorial as well as a ton of story content. 
Thank you for bearing through the irritating bits of the demo. You've provided us with valuable feedback that we'll apply to production moving forward.