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Hi! My partner and I played your game on our new YouTube channel; it has the potential to be something really special with some creative tweaks and additions. We also agree with 'Neco' that the game would be epic in first person, grid based RPG view.

This was one of the best short games we've had the pleasure of playing on our channel. It was refreshing, original and such a treat on the eyes. You've created an excellent piece of art here and we look forward to whats next.

^_^ Anytime! We are about to play it some more so we’ll see how he manages!. And again, great job on an amazing game! 

Hi! We played your game on our new channel and can agree that it's freaking creepy.  Excellent audio, good pace and freaky visuals with tense vibes right from the start. 

My partner is the one playing in our video, and he is not a fan of horror games as you can tell.  But I think it adds to the experience of him being terrified of your creation, and we will attempt to finish it together in the next episode or two

We played your game on our channel and had good fun with it. Can honestly say it was the weirdest game we've personally ever played. Frustrating at time with hiding, but great goofy fun!

Hi, we made a video of you game on our channel, and we plan to play as much of the demo as we can. We love the game and will support you all the ways we can. We will pass this on to many of our friends and keep up the love. ^_^

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We played this on our channel and had good fun. Totally didn't realize we could rotate the camera! :p Add some sound effects and a little narrative and it would be flawless.

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We hoped it was ok for us to record this; my partner and I played this on our new channel, and we had a lot of fun with it. We don't typically play horror games, but after playing this we're definitely considering doing more on our channel. We look forward to sharing this with everyone we know, and will support you all the way!

P.S. Whatever is behind that locked door is gonna drive us nuts! ^_^