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I agree! I want to show this to one of the kids I work with (he' loves letters!) and I really want it to be a lot more user friendly. It's okay if I would be able to help him, but I would love it if was something he could do on his own. I'd also like it if there were more fun sounds to it.

I played it tonight. And I really enjoyed it. He's SUCH A GOOD BOY! I like a good shmup --I'm bad at them, but I enjoy them. I found figuring out which power up is which very tricky. And I just want to rotate through them all instead of just having one.

I checked out a few minutes of it. I liked, but the controls are not very intuitive. This feels like a better game to play fully with the mouse than a mix of the keyboard and mouse. I'll have more constructive criticism when I've played more.

I have this on my Switch. I beat it shortly after I bought it last year. I thought it was rough around the edges. At the end of the day, it left me with wanting more: bigger area to explore, different ghosts, more kitties to pet... Smooth it out the next one and it'll be a hidden gem (cue goofy Metal Jesus joke/reference).

I played this through the Racial Equality Bundle and was one of the first I played. It was a flipping blast! I loved it! And now I want an entire series about Jam.

 I want to support the game, things are just financially tight at the time of this writing. The joys of starting a job and hours not picking up when needed. Anyway, months ago I saw Gab Smolders (I swear it was her) do a let's play of it and liked what I saw.

Sounds good!

I do know that some sites are not as positive to developers as others. I just want to make sure you're getting your proper dues. And I loved the games when they came out as web-based all those years ago. I'm really psyched about the next game.


I want to pick this up one day to be supportive of you and your crew's work. Where should I purchase it that would give you the most financial support?


I wanted to let you know that I really liked the game and the Zelda-esq action. I love the Earthbound vibe. I wish it was longer.