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I really appreciate it <3, thank you for checking out the vid and making the game in general!

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Hello folks! I'm a small-time YouTuber that decided to do a video over your game! I definitely had a few quality jumps from it, and I hope you folks enjoy the video <3

Checked it out, it was pretty interesting, but there was a bug error. 

I was definitely happy to play this game, thank you folks for making it! Much love <3

I play one of the best Horror Game projects to date, it was a pretty great game, maybe a bit too difficult! 

Game was pretty interesting, made me think a lot, but I do think that everyone is perfect in their own way! 

Channel Name: BearManCam

I liked the Saw vibe this game had going for it, I'd say I'll definitely be playing it once it goes beyond the Demo stage! Thank you folks for having it available! 

Youtuber: BearManCam

I decided to give this game a shot, and it was definitely a very eery game to behold!

Channel Name: BearManCam

I decided to check out this game, so far so good! Definitely helps to display how far a Father will go for his child.

Youtuber: BearManCam