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My first thought was "This is terrible.", but once I got my grips on the janky mechanics of the game I started to have a little fun. I like the various head-powers available.

That was indeed cringe inducing. You have succeeded.

This is sort of a fun concept. It's like the stealth sequence leading up to Princess Zelda in Ocarina of Time. Great job!

More screens to sneak though would have been welcome, and something at the end to stimulate the reward centers of the brain would have really done a lot for this game though.

Quick update:

Added a title screen with New Game, Load Game, and Quit options so you don't have to suffer through the intro just to load your game.

Changed the color of the WalkTo mouse cursor so you can see it against a black background.

Disabled debug mode. (oops.)

Changed the color of something else as an homage to the engine I used to make this.

For better or worse, here it is. I can now say I've finished a project to completion. Please be gentle.

There are 4 full screen lewd artworks in this game, starring my art skills which leave much to be desired. If you don't like how slowly Alys walks, you can increase the speed in the options menu.

Thanks for playing.

It's a bit of a pixel hunt, but a stick or something might help you get that frog. Maybe one from a dead tree?

Ok, it should work now. Turns out I forgot to tag it as a Windows game when I uploaded the updated version.

Oh. I'll look into that. There might be an issue with the game having two executables. (One to run the game, and one to configure.)

That is the Windows version, but the new version of AGS supports export to Linux and Mac natively, so I might recompile it for those platforms later.