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Thank you! and I appreciate your comment, I will make sure to look into those aspects on future games.

I haven´t but thanks for the suggestion! I will take a look into it

I am currently working on my submission for this game Jam on my free time using Construct2 Free version, I am a college student currently studying software engineering and I feel very limited with the resources I have. On december I will start working on my big first commercial game whether I get financial support or not, it is my dream and I really love game Dev.

Getting straight to the point, I am looking for sponsors and I am not asking for much money. My brother and I are very versatile with our skills and make the most out of almost anything, we live in Mexico and 2k dollars would be more than enough to help us financially with the project. That being said I am asking for a sponsor.

I know actions mean more than words and I hope I can show you how much I can do using free products and my spare time with my submission on this game Jam, if you are willing to think about it, in December I would love to send you a teaser for the big commercial game I am talking about and seeking out a sponsor for. Still a big thank you! I think what you are doing is amazing and you can bet I will be participating in all of your game Jams!

My email: