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This is a world torn between lust and purity. Does this mean I can choose sides? Will my actions and decisions have any meaning? 

After playing "field of flowers", I tried this one to see if it is better. But nope! It's like the protagonist from "field of flowers" is in this game too with the same whiny karen voice actor. 

Spoiler Alert

I decided to march through this game with Kamika's route, and I couldn't even help her take over the world, which would have been so much more fun then being a goody goody two-shoes, stopping her being evil, have that stupid drama and later getting along like friends. 

And the ending, if there ever was one. It just cuts off so abruptly when Yumi and Kamika were having a moment watching the stars. It's like all my choices that led me to this point didn't even matter at all! No real ending, no more exploring of friendship or something more, no credits or epilogue. It ends just as abruptly as when satan nukes us happily. 

If all other watercress games are like this then they are not worth playing at all. 

Couldn't even finish the game because the blue haired twin tailed protagonist is unbearable. She is not just a karen, she's a SPACE KAREN! Friggin annoying. 

I enjoyed this game, it was fun!

The only thing I'm sad about is that I reached the ending.

This game was interesting and I enjoyed it.

I rarely play dark fantasy visual novels because of the "dark" aspect of it, but this one wasn't so bad. I really cared about the charming protagonist and steered her towards a good ending with Vadeyn. Warm fuzzy feelings are what kept me and the MC keep going and keep fighting through the cold dark world, that not even game overs can keep us down.

The hardest part was when we had to fight the BIG ASS Ship Eater. It's a good thing I save often because this was like a Boss Battle.

However, there are some loose ends left out of the story. Things I would have liked to see is who the other characters got paired up with romantically, what is their happy ending; I wanted to see the harpies and mermaids, I also wanted to see and know more about those mages with their purple colored powers and the one who spoke to the protagonist in her head. I guess this could be left for a sequel.

This was a short but sweet game.

Had a little fun with it and a few laughs, but was a little let down it ended so soon. 

I tried to get an ending with Jay.


But then after Robin, Jay and Wren got interrupted in the middle of their coin game, all of the sudden these two old ladies pulled out a ticking watch and wrecked shit up. 

Robin gave up her stolen goods to Fletcher in order to save Wren, but he dies anyway with somekind of being that looks like Robin? There to comfort him in his final hours. And Jay is nowhere to be seen, probably left to his fate by those evil old hags. 

I was left completely dumbfounded and disappointed by how things escalated so quickly out of the blue. This is not what I was expecting from this game and even though I could read a guide to get a good ending, I just don't like the game anymore because of these supernatural elements shoved in it. 

Well, this game was short but nice. 

In my humble opinion, this game is not as good as the other commenters make it out to be. Anyone reading the comments would get a false sense of the game before playing it. 

I didn't get attached to any of the characters. The story and game was short and fast, I didn't get a sense for the timescale and the game didn't show it. One moment Dex goes off the ship and the next He and Seren are on a mission. Didn't get to see what else Dex and the Operator do in their lives when they aren't in the ship and talking with Seren. I didn't get to know any of the characters or relate to them. If they are in trouble or something bad happens to them I just don't feel sad for their fates. 

As for the bad endings, I checked out every single one of them and it was kinda "meh". Didn't get to see or know anything about Seren or that stranger who claims to have created Seren. Everything is so vague and leaves me with a bored and dissatisfied feeling when I get the romantic good ending with Seren and Dex.