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this game is amazing

thank you! and i ment baby as my favorite. was wondering if you would add dorumon. and thanks couldnt find him anywhere love this game! 

OMG this VN was really good i love the mcs design and how he is gaining power looking forawrd to that love the mysterious and why u gotta end a cliff hanger?!?!?!

I cant find gabumon and will you add my baby dorumon?

on my phone computer stopped working how can i fix this so i can play


ooooooo you got me excited now. And yay! Dorumon hes my baby! :D

get off your lazy ass and clean it

Hey my friend this game is amazing and I followed you I loved your chronicle game as well Tson was cool I hope Dorumon comes to the game or at least your next one alphamon or dorugoramon would be cool. any good luck on your next game ill be sure to pla it

im in my third play through your the man my man i cant wait for your new game and dinomon!

OH DEAR GOD i changed min and mx speed to 80 and baba is zipping across my screen I love it

when  i try and load it just says bye

mmmmmmmm so good will be waiting for full release

did u figure out????!

damn this game us awesome

ahh so Mc is the human Neu mentioned in the first game. I love this series so far keep up the good work!

thanks I bought it! I love it! But when I do the character customization it loads for the 16x16 to 48x48 but when I try to do the rpg maker mv one it doesn't load

time to replay this masterpiece 

I want to change the images and names and I want to make it so the player dosnt lose any cards so i can have player find them on map

can this work with mv?

How do I buy it?

thank you! You are best! I’m loving it so far once I have extra money I will get full version keep up good work!

sorry my English is not good but I am wondering if I make character in free version can I use them in a game?

I am in love! Is this game still in devolopment?

cant wait for full game I can see many youtubers playing this in fututre like marilpier manlybadasshero keep up good work


is dorumon in the game? he's been my favorite since world4 since i was a child

can you continue hero cummy? uwu

how do i put it in where?

Im new to this and im learning to make a game for fun and I found your sprites and art work its all amazing! keep it up!

If i use him can i rename him?

same thing for me

I played this like a month ago and instantly became one of my favorites!

I played 04 one and honestly this is one of the best games I played the story is good and so is the art work and H scenes I was excited for the new update but it keeps crashing on android.


same for me

crashes on android