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This Celeste-like is a better game than most of the season one games!! I love this game so much. It controls like a dream (thank god because its pretty difficult), its just forgiving enough with how quickly you respawn and how it allows you to keep energy cells on deaths. Great soundtrack too. I give this game 5 stars, 5 rocket ships.

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When I extract the pdx from the rar and try to sideload the game, the sideload page tells me its "not a zip file".

Then I try putting it in a zip file, it allows me to sideload, but then thats when i have my download problem on my console

Yes i'm able to get most of the other games i've downloaded working

Yeah I extract the pdx and turn it into a zip. I'm able to sideload it like normal but then when i go to install it on the playdate, it fully installs and then says there was a download error.

This won't download and install on my playdate. It takes very long to download and never appears on the game menu. When i check back at the download screen. It prompts me to download the game again.

Hope you fix this soon because these games look fun!

Cute game! Just wanted to note a bug for you. You can walk on spikes after they deploy on the floor without being hurt.

Hey the game needs to be a .zip to sideload onto the playdate!

Hey the game won't sideload since its a .rar. Game needs to be a .zip to sideload