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I would recommend zipping the executables so the size is smaller to download. Other than that looks like a fun game!

Pretty satisfying!


Happy to be a part of the team! Had a lot of fun making the sky and the mech!

And i will be happy to play them!

Good first game on itch!

Yeah most def, this was my time making ropes so its going to be bad at first.

i found out why, but i can't update the game with the changes ;-;

No one can rate my game if the html5 AND the windows download don't work

i was able to go up to 1000 points in the game! pretty nice game.

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fun but hard, still an awesome and slightly addicting game! :D

Overall wasn't very fun, but improvements can be made!

oh okay, i understand

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sounds good! edit: why can't you place a download here?

It would have been better if there was more gameplay, other than that nice rope!

Can there be a linux download, and or can you make this play in browser

The time limit is WAY too short for a rope mechanic, let alone one with 3 actions.

okay, thanks for clarifying!

yeah, this one is just a little confusing.

or can they be a demonstration of our rope mechanics?

This is so much better! Thanks for updating it!

no prob! and like i said its not huge.

While playing on the second level, i noticed the the gray background

its not huge, just thought you should know.

Thank you! i will

Thank you, and i'm glad i could be of some help!

Then download the export templates, go to Editor and at the bottom you should see "Manage export templates" click on that and you then click on "Install from file" look for the export templates you downloaded and click on it, at this point the export templates are installed, then go to "Project" and then Export and add export, then click on export project. if you need any more help, let me know!

so sorry, i don't know why i said 64-bit textures :p that's even more impressive!! 

What game engine are you using?

Why did this lead back to my game?

That makes sense, thank you for clarifying!