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Thanks for the comment! I'm afraid there's no way to change the window size, sorry.

Simple but charming little game. The combination lock and piano puzzles were just the right balance of tricky but doable (I don't think I even found the mystery box puzzle). Pixel art is basic but crisp and gets the job done.

Nope, not intentional. You found a CTD bug. Thanks for catching that! I've uploaded fixed versions.

At last, fanfiction of my work! Now I've definitely made it big :P

This happened to me too!

Simple but fun. Really shows how far NES devtools have come.

Well, that ending was a punch in the gut.

Took me a moment to get the hang of it, but it was pretty manageable once I did.

I realize that this was made for a game jam and that those never leave much time for polish, but if you ever decide to expand on this concept, I have a few suggestions:

  1. It would be cool to be able to push more than just crates. Stuff like jump pads or rotators, for example. The knight's movement is very zippy and I bet it would be fun for the player to work with that.
  2. Rather than having to press a separate key to release control of an object, it would be more convenient if the player could just click a different object to immediately switch control.
  3. Actually moving objects with WASD is painfully slow. I realize this could be to force the player to plan out their moves and use multiple objects in certain puzzles, but I wonder if there's a better way to enforce it.

Overall though I enjoyed it, and the ending got a chuckle out of me.

Surprisingly stressful for such a cute game. Things tend to spiral out of control very quickly once even a single pet becomes a monster. Game was quite easy to learn, and I had a pretty good handle on things by the second try. Overall, I liked this one.

Collision detection on the spikes is a bit dodgy at times, but the levels are short and simple enough that it's not too much of an issue. A good and functional puzzle platformer.

Simple but engaging. Quite good for something made in only a few hours!

Thanks! The village interactions were kind of meant to be the game's keystone, so I'm glad they turned out well.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it .

Glad you like it! I actually have plans to develop strategy games in the future, and I hope you'll enjoy them when the time comes.

Thank you for following me and showcasing my game! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was enlightening to see someone play this game and give their thoughts in real time. I'll be keeping an eye on your channel.

Reminds me of Hero Core, and that's definitely a good thing. This one's on my to-play list.

I don't know if I'll add any significant features to this project (as opposed to bugfixes), as I'm eager to move on to other things, but if I do revisit this, I'll consider adding that!

Thanks for catching that! I've uploaded a hotfix.

It's a fun and satisfying game for the most part, but the controls feel inconsistent. Usually when I turn toward a pig, my character locks onto them, but sometimes, my character spins right past them, and I have to take time to re-angle myself to face and shoot the pig. This killed me a lot.

I saw other comments that mentioned gamepad support, but sadly, the game didn't seem to recognize my Buffalo Classic.

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Thank you! However, I'm afraid to tell you that this is currently planned to be the final release, aside from bugfixes or balance tweaks.